The age of HR personalisation is here. Are you ready?

As personalisation becomes all-pervasive, HR has been quick to embrace an array of innovative tools to make the experience seamless – from charting career paths to combating attrition to employee retention.

Hooked to Netflix? Love listening to Spotify? In this digital age, we experience personalisation on an ongoing basis. Whether it is your home page feed on Facebook or Twitter or the stocks you are tracking in a volatile market, every organisation is working hard to create a personalised experience for you.

When we as consumers expect this level of personalisation, it is but obvious that we expect this in all aspects of our life, even when we are at work. There are some compelling reasons for this:

  • study by KPMG shows companies that invest in employee experience are four times more profitable than those who don’t.
  • Companies with a high level of engagement report 22% higher productivity according to Gallup data.

Changing trends of HR personalisation

The business case for personalisation is compelling and as consumers we have come to expect this in everything we do. Personalisation directly impacts employee experiences that directly translate into increased productivity and profits.

In recent years, Human Resources has been experimenting with different ways to personalise the workplace. Employees in some companies can choose individual perks and benefits, some companies allow employees to use their own devices and some even allow employees to work on their pet projects on company time.

However, with digital becoming a dominant medium, companies are now being forced to look at ways to engage digitally savvy employees. In addition to this, the uncertainty and ambiguous times like the ongoing pandemic is forcing companies to rethink their people practices and explore digitisation at an unprecedented pace that has never been seen before.

They realise that engagement, employee performance, company culture are all interlinked and there is a need to find ways to deepen the bonds between the employee and the company by providing them personalised experiences in all areas of their lives. This is not just limited to their workplace but extends to times when they are away from the workplace.

Technology and new-age HR personalisation

The HR tech industry is booming with tools that can help employers actively engage and personalise connects with their employees. Big Data and AI are helping employers identify individual challenges and deliver personalised solutions. They are helping managers improve their effectiveness by even suggesting proactively actions that can help facilitate their teams and predict individual performance. The whole landscape of HR personalisation is changing.

Sensing tools today help provide insights across the employee life cycle which are helping companies raise individual performance.

There are several prediction tools like the flight risk tool, exit trigger identification tool, pulse surveys tools that help companies clearly identify individuals and the challenges which then allow them to modify their people practices to combat attrition and improve staff retention.

Personalised communications with employees, remote working or work-from-home choices, individual development and career paths, individual learning plans and many such people practices are now very real and ushering in the new age of HR personalisation. The traditional hierarchical company models are giving way to new ways of working that have changed the way we work and play today.

For companies today with growth aspirations, personalisation of their people practices is not an option but an essential ingredient to being future-ready and remaining relevant with the times. The age of HR personalisation is here. Are you ready?

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)