[Jobs roundup] Healthtech hiring goes up as demand for tech-enabled healthcare solution rises amid COVID

Indian healthtech startups are reinventing themselves to help people stay fit and healthy during the pandemic, and many of them are on a hiring spree. If you wish to work in the sector, here are some openings for you.

Health and fitness as a sector has evolved over the years to ease people's lives. Healthcare startups have come up with solutions to help one stay fit and healthy.

Reports suggest that the Indian healthcare market is one of the country’s fastest-growing sectors. According to the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), India’s healthcare industry is expected to reach $372 billion by 2022.

The coronavirus pandemic has also pushed these companies to fast-track their work to cater to the increasing demand in the sector. The pandemic has made most people to be conscious about their health and fitness.

Despite the pandemic and its challenges, most startups in the healthtech space are recruiting people in their organisations today. If you wish to join the space, here are a few job openings for you.

Senior UX


Experience needed: 8-12 years

Cure.Fit is looking for someone who can be responsible for end-to-end delivery of all design projects, starting at interacting with key stakeholders to gather requirements, analysing available data and information to conceptualise, and conceive the best possible design. The role requires delivering flawless execution and the ability to convert the ideas of the customers into forms and shapes and offer creative and cognitive solutions.

The candidate's responsibilities include developing and maintaining a UX roadmap to guide designers, product management and tech teams in planning for and implementing the vision. They are required to understand user behaviour and business requirements for designing visual graphics for web and mobile.

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Social Media Manager


Experience needed: 3-5 years

As a social media manager at Fittr, the candidate's responsibilities include developing, implementing, and managing its social media strategy. They are are required to define the most important social media KPIs as well as manage and oversee social media content. The candidate needs to measure the success of every social media campaign and use that information to build new campaigns.

An ideal candidate should stay up to date with latest social media practices and technologies, and should be able to communicate with and manage social media influencers to create a strong network.

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Content Manager


Experience needed: 6-7 years

Practo is looking for a content manager who can manage complexities and work towards driving a compelling narrative of Practo's mission, its products, and the impact it creates in people's lives both internally and externally.

As a content manager, the candidate will need to work with Practo's communications team to create compelling stories that can connect with all stakeholders instantly. They will be responsible for building a digital storybook that helps create a conversation with the audience, create review guidelines, presentations, and content for all mediums.

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Product Role


Experience needed: not specified

As a member of the product team at Cure.Fit, the candidate will be responsible for conceptualising and building high quality products within or across our key verticals - Cult.fit, Eat.fit, Mind.fit, Care.fit. The candidate will be required to drive the strategy, roadmap, execution, and growth of a product area. They will work closely with other product managers, engineers, designers, sales, marketing, legal, analytics and do everything (defining requirements, prioritizing, testing, writing copy, tracking metrics etc.) to ship high quality products.

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Technical Recruiter


Experience needed: 1+ year

The primary responsibility of a technical recruiter at DocsApp is to do technical hiring plus coordination. The candidate needs to develop and implement ideas for improving the talent acquisition process and outcomes. They also need to source candidates by using databases, portals and social media and conduct phone, Skype and/or in-person interviews. Along with this, they need to coordinate between the candidate and interview panels as well as evaluate and screen technical resumes.

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Edited by Megha Reddy


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