How Lenovo’s end-to-end IT management services enable businesses to focus on what they do best

Lenovo Smart Fleet Services are designed to help organisations gain control of their endpoint hardware and software, increase security and compliance, optimise the end-user experience, and automate routine manual tasks to free up IT time and resources.

The adoption of digital solutions is crucial for the growth of all organisations today. Running such solutions requires a dedicated network of IT infrastructure.

As organisations expand, IT asset management takes centrestage. This is a critical function for IT teams, and enables the driving of end-user productivity and managing the total cost of ownership.

However, the onset of the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote working practices. This means that the organisations’ IT infrastructure has become decentralised. As employees carry out their tasks from their residences and on public networks, it becomes difficult for IT teams to track, maintain and ensure the security of these devices. Other challenges include increased difficulty in tracking lost or critical assets, software compliance issues, sub-optimal IT usage spends, and over-burdened IT resources.

According to research by the Ponemon Institute, 63 percent of companies cannot monitor off-network endpoints. Over time, this translates into significant loss in resources. The research adds that organisations spend close to $6 million in detection, response and wasted time due to ineffective endpoint security strategies.

How Lenovo simplifies IT asset management

Lenovo Smart Fleet Services are designed to help organisations gain control of their endpoint hardware and software, increase security and compliance, optimise the end-user experience, and automate routine manual tasks, to free up IT time and resources.

The service has easy-to-deploy security solutions that protect the hardware and software against multiple modes of attack, and eliminates exposure of critical business data to internal and external threats. It is device and toolset agnostic, which allows for the optimisation of any device and software.

The service allows organisations to monitor usage, license consumption, and compliance status of all software through a single portal. Key maintenance functions such delivering BIOS updates, drivers, software patches, and application updates can also be carried out seamlessly.

Enabling the future of device tracking and management

A 2019 survey by Invanti showed that 43 percent of IT professionals still use spreadsheets to track IT assets. This could leave the tracking process prone to error and inefficiencies as the IT infrastructure of an organisation grows in scale and complexity. The survey also showed that 60 percent of IT professionals are missing key information in their IT asset management program.

To solve such challenges, Lenovo Smart Fleet Services comes with a specially designed mobile device management (MDM) tools set that allows IT managers to manage their assets across platforms and devices. They can easily map assets to users and software, recover idle IT spends, and seamlessly patch vulnerabilities to keep devices up to date. It also allows for a comprehensive view of your IT inventory across the different stages of asset lifecycle.

According to a report by Trend Micro Follow the Data: Dissecting Data Breaches and Debunking the Myths 41 percent of all breaches from 2005 to 2015 were caused through lost devices. With Lenovo Smart Fleet Services, organisations can track the whereabouts of assets in real-time and discover lost assets within seconds. They can also customise the visibility of their inventory by setting up reports and alerts.

Optimising IT to enable new levels of productivity

Organisations can streamline their IT with insights from data to recover idle IT spends for under-utilized devices and software. They can also customise device configuration, software and services support based on the persona requirements to optimise their infrastructure performance.

Most organizations rely on a standardised backbone of applications and software to keep their business up and running. However, end points can go rogue and cause potential business threats. With Lenovo Smart Fleet Services, organisations can prevent such breaches and ensure that critical applications and agents are always installed and working, even during non-IT support hours.

With this comprehensive set of services, IT teams across organisations can focus on mission-critical aspects of IT management and business to enable a whole new wave of growth and productivity, even in today’s age of remote working.


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