‘Give your team trust, so they can grow’ – 25 quotes from Indian startup journeys

From technology to teams, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these quotes, excerpts and stories!

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Being on the floor is a good lesson in people management. - Sumathy Nagendran, Flipkart

If you micromanage your people, they won’t have the courage to take risks. Give your team trust, so they can grow. - Roline Spijkervet, Picnic

Knowledge management implementation will remain a priority for organisations around the globe for decades to come. - Nick Milton and Patrick Lambe, ‘The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook’

Instinct is a marvelous thing. It can neither be explained nor ignored. – Agatha Christie

Every single one of us can contribute to bring people close to nature, and also to appreciate nature. - Rohit Varma, Nature inFocus

Many times, people tend to blame the government authorities for not keeping their neighbourhood tidy. But what they don’t realise is that cleanliness is a collective responsibility. - Shankar Singh, Vrikshit Foundation

Slow fashion is the need of the hour wherein brands produce thoughtfully designed, high quality clothes using non-polluting raw materials and zero waste production facilities. - Tanvi Bikhchandani, Tamarind Chutney

Measures by the government to stimulate demand must not burden the common citizen with future inflation. - Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance Minister

There are more than 15 million unemployed or underemployed rural women in India. - Kunal Vaid, Resham Sutra

Fruits and vegetables is the single largest consumer spend area in the country but quality of supply has always been challenged. - Arjun Balaji, Gourmet Garden

Moving from a functional differentiation to an emotional differentiation enables brands to stay ahead of their competition. - Rahul Chowdhri, Stellaris Venture Partners

Due to misleading advertisements and false marketing of food products, consumers have lost the feeling of trust in food brands. - Akhil Kansal, Anveshan

Advertising must be engaging. A creative idea has the power to engage with consumers. It grows brand visibility, credibility, and desirability. - Bharath Sastry, Vistaprint India

Talk to your users at every stage. You have to talk to your users to build something they want, and do it as frugally as possible. - Anu Hariharan, YC Continuity Fund

As a career, photography demands a lot of patience, and you need to be smart about where you spend and save your money. - Nimish Jain

Costumes have a huge role in making a film look real and believable. - Bhanu Athaiya, India's first Oscar winner

Travel reinforces the notion that we, as a human race, are more similar than we think. - Aparna Shewakramani, 'Matchmaking'

Many countries include bread as an integral part of their daily meals, and it is over bread that a community comes together. For some of us, bread is and always will be, the ultimate comfort food. - Deepa Kannan, PFNR

As someone working in a startup, you need to have the ability to see the forest and the tree at the same time. This means you should be focused on the problem at hand, and also aware of where the journey is leading to. - Virender Bisht, Niyo Solutions

Everyone looking to be an entrepreneur should believe in the problem they are solving. And there are a lot of problems to be solved in our country. - Neha Rastogi, Agatsa Software.

Building a company around teams is building a company based on human nature. - Robert Bruce Shaw, ‘Extreme Teams’

Don’t go at it alone; co-invest with experts or experienced people who have had a few investments and exits, and also with domain experts from the sector the startup belongs. - Mahavir Sharma, TiE India Angels

When you buy from a small business, you tend to become part of their extended family and not just a percentage or number on their revenue economics. - RJ Kay, 94.3 Radio

Failure is an event – an individual or company is not a failure. - Madan Padaki, 1Bridge

No matter how difficult life becomes, you have to remember that a new dawn awaits but only if you are willing to embrace it. - Sudeep Nagarkar, ‘A Second Chance’

Enjoying the journey is more important than focusing on getting to the destination quickly. - Anup Pai, eSamudaay

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