‘The best person to compare yourself to is your own past self’ – 25 quotes from Indian startup journeys

From implementation to improvement, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these quotes, excerpts and stories.

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"The CFO is the co-pilot-cum-navigator for the startup founder. The CFO must co-create a shared vision for the startup’s future." - Raghava Rao, Amazon India

"Lack of awareness in founders and lack of funds via debt funds are prime reasons why debt funding is still not that popular." - Ishpreet Gandhi, Stride Ventures

"Generally, the exit on angel investing is a five to eight year time cycle. But sometimes exits happen early." - Shanti Mohan, LetsVenture

"Entrepreneurship is an invaluable mindset and skill, something that you can call upon again and again." - Smarinita Shetty, India Development Review

"Exploration and execution form a true partnership to manage the present and explore the future." - Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, 'The Invincible Company'

"Keeping your business afloat and innovation cannot be looked at separately. It has to go hand in hand." - Nirupa Shankar, Brigade Group

"Education is every child’s right and if we can provide that, we will be able to prevent child labour." - Sushil Kumar Meena, Nirbhed Foundation

"For India to emerge as a leading superpower and an economic hub, its biggest brands must switch to competing and winning in the global lane." - Vineet Shetty, Plop Stories

"According to 2018 World Bank data, India is currently one of the worst performing nations in terms of female labour force participation rates." - Iti Rawat, WEFT

"It is estimated that India loses more than $106 billion of its GDP (> 5% of total) per year due to inadequate sanitation." - Arundhati Das and Tanya Philip, Intellecap

"The climate crisis affects all of us equally, and we must learn some hard lessons." - Urmi Chanda, Eco Lens

"The market for mock tests for state-level government recruitment examinations is still in its nascent stage." - Rohit Manglik, EduGorilla

"As most people are travelling the world now, the food of most countries has become an integral part of our lives." - Ginee Shah, The Evolved Palate

"While Indian food has evolved, a lot of old cooking styles and grains have been lost in the process." - Sunil Chauhan, FabCafe

"Students from rural, low-income backgrounds were more than seven times less likely to get into the IITs as compared to the ones who were well-off." - Akshay Saxena, Avanti Fellows

"National highways are important, but rural roads matter more. Better rural transport infrastructure means that we can access farms in large parts of India much easier." - Karthik Jayaraman, WayCool Foods

"India will be the fastest growing entertainment and media market globally in terms of pure consumer revenue." - PwC India report

"Global competitiveness would come only with a well-planned and properly executed components ecosystem, a multi-tiered industry that would feed into the value chain." - Ravi Saxena, Wonderchef

"The solar industry is quite complex, and there are a lot of segments that go into the development, maintenance and management of a solar plant." - Saideep Talari, SenseHawk

"Markets are complex and so are human emotions." - Amit Dhakad, Market Pulse

"India is an open-minded and educated market and always hungry for new and innovative products."- Federico Natalini, Fedevi Ventures

"If one can’t talk about anything that doesn’t toe the line of the majority, where is the space for creative freedom?" - Perumal Murugan, ‘Estuary’

"Empowerment is an internal phenomenon, not an external construct as the world plays it out to be. We can incidentally inspire one another sometimes. But to empower a peer is to condescend." - Aanchal Arora, 1702 Digital

"Stand up for who you are. Before you do that, know who you are." - Sushmita Sen

"The best person to compare yourself to is your own past self." - Naman Lahoty, Stellaris Venture Partners

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