Best of Weekender: from Chetan Bhagat’s new thriller to the age of social media influencers

This week, read all about Chetan Bhagat’s new thriller, One Arranged Murder, and how you can satiate your sweet tooth this festive season without gaining weight, and more.

Love him or hate him, but you cannot simply ignore the fact that Chetan Bhagat is India’s best-selling author. With a voice beyond his books, Chetan also aims to listen to the “voice of the youth,” and bring about change in the country through his columns and opinion pieces.

His latest book, One Arranged Murder, is a killer-thriller, the kind with many subplots, complex characters, and a gripping tale. Chetan says, releasing the book in the middle of a pandemic was a gamble that paid off. Not surprisingly, it remains No. 1 on Amazon’s best-seller charts.

Read our exclusive interview with Chetan Bhagat, where he talks about the new book, the murder mystery genre, having a voice, and dealing with criticism.

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Festivals are such an integral part of our culture! There are rich traditions and customs interwoven with ancestral foods and memories, and we must manage to keep them the same. Yet it is common for festivals to leave you with added weight and skin breakouts from all the sugar in the sweets.

However, are there some sweets that do not make a huge impact on your weight? Can you use jaggery, honey, and coconut sugar in small amounts, to combine with certain fats and protein-rich ingredients, so that you can enjoy sweets while not gaining weight?

This festive season, check out how you can satiate your sweet tooth, as well as not put on weight, by recreating popular Indian sweets like besan ladoos, kheers, etc., with healthy protein-rich ingredients.

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Brands regularly use social media influencers to create brand awareness through an influencers’ following. This is, of course, done through “mega” influencers like celebrities, who often serve as role models.

However, marketing experts have found that “micro” influencers, or those who are perceived to be authentic and knowledgeable within their niche, are, in fact, more effective in getting people to take their recommendations.

Read the analysis by our clinical psychologist, who deciphers the good, bad, and ugly sides of the age of social media influencer.

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