Best of Weekender: India is finding light in the darkness with simple, small-scale celebrations this Diwali

It's been a year that none of us will forget. As we celebrate the victory of light over darkness and good over evil, find out how founders and celebs changed their elaborate plans, what's topping style charts, and how to make the right gold buying decisions.

Lights, colours, and fireworks may not light up in profusion in the skies this year on Diwali due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the low-key, virtual celebrations that have been planned will be just as beautiful.

Most Diwali celebrations will be done virtually this year

Celebrities, founders, chefs, and entrepreneurs have different ways to celebrate Diwali this year.

Some are planning a digital Diwali, which involves greeting each other on meet-up apps or sharing a meal via video chat. Some are joining concerts, parties, and live stream events virtually. Those who venture out will do so in contained groups and only with close family and friends.

From chef Natasha Celmi to actor Deepti Sadhwani to YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani, check out what some founders, celebs, chefs, and entrepreneurs are planning to do to celebrate the spirit of the season.

Children are adapting to the concept of online learning

Children's Day is celebrated every year across India to increase awareness of the rights, care, and education of children. This year due to the pandemic, most children were confined to their homes for online classes.

The entire education industry has been in a dilemma as to whether or not schools should be opened. Although there are advisories to restart classes, when it comes to our little ones, there is no room for any risk. The good news: youngsters are learning how to manage within the framework of the new normal and are doing their best to study with their virtual lessons.

Find out how parents, teachers, and children can benefit from online learning and how children can learn to cope with a new way of life amid the pandemic.

Timeless fashion classics will always be popular during the festive season

Despite the fact that we are planning virtual meet-ups with family and friends amid the pandemic, the need for a festive range of clothes is always top priority during the festivals.

Among fashion trends, this is the year when classics will make a comeback, above-the-keyboard styles with embroidery and metal thread work on yokes will be a key trend, and people will invest in styles that are versatile enough to be dressed down as casual pret or accentuated with statement accessories to make a bold statement.

Don’t miss our interview with Ameet Panchal, CEO, Ethnicity, on the latest styles of the festive season.

Make smart investments on auspicious occasions

It’s that time of the year again when people flock to the stores to buy some yellow metal to add a touch of auspiciousness to Diwali. However, is buying physical gold still a feasible option?

Nowadays, people are focusing on saving money and pushing back on voluntary expenses. But this has not stopped those who buy gold as a personal belonging or as ornaments during the season.

Priti Rathi Gupta, Founder of LXME, a financial planning platform, offers some tips and pointers on making the right kind of gold purchases this year.

Breakfast is the new lunch for intermittent fasters

As intermittent fasting becomes more popular, the first meal of your day must be healthy and wholesome.

Today, as breakfast becomes the new brunch or lunch for many people, you need to consume a smart balance of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, lentils and colourful vegetables served raw and cooked, and some buttermilk.

This practice of two meals a day can actually help your body recover from chronic diseases. What matters is that you stay on course with food, sleep, and a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t miss reading about how to make healthy and wholesome meals while on an intermittent fast programme.

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