This festive season, HP wants you to celebrate a 'DilWali' Diwali


India’s most-awaited festival comes at a time when the world is facing the worst public health crisis in a century. But the shadows cast by COVID-19 have done little to dampen India’s Diwali spirit and the festivities have kicked in. The spiritual message that Diwali holds — “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance” — resonates with our lives more now than ever.

As we all know, the true spirit of the festival lies in the joy of giving through caring, sharing, and spreading happiness. Traditional occupations have been hit hard by the current global crisis and optimism levels of business owners, both big and small, are at an all-time low. Our selfless gestures and unmeasured giving can go a long way during these trying times.

It's true that lights, sweets, and the glitziest silks are fixtures of Diwali, but, this year, we need to open our hearts to spread good cheer to those around us.

HP India is celebrating Diwali with its users this year. Prashant Jain, Chief Marketing Officer, HP India market said, “Changing consumer habits and social distancing have impacted traditional businesses during the pandemic, and many continue to cope with change. We wanted to ignite a spark of hope, encourage communities to support each other and spread cheer this Diwali. We wish our customers a happy and a prosperous festive season and hope that the joy of giving will brighten up the upcoming festival for all."

As part of HP India’s ‘YeDiwaliDilWali’ campaign, they have launched a short video encouraging viewers to take a moment to light up someone's Diwali. This thought is brought to life with a story about a child's interpretation of an age-old Diwali custom. His pure heart and limitless creativity enabled by technology sets an example for adults to follow. The video strikes an emotional cord to emphasise the need to make this Diwali a brighter one, with friendly and accessible technology products.

To Iss Diwali naap tol ke nahi, dil khol ke khushiyan do, sirf apni nahi kisi aur ki Diwali bhi roshan karo.

Let's make this Diwali one where we’re a little less self-indulgent and a little more selfless when it comes to giving. If you have enough, give and if you have abundance, give more - light up not just yours, but someone else's Diwali this year.


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