[Funding alert] AI-based Rezolve.ai raises $500,000 led by Venture Catalysts

Rezolve.ai aims to disrupt the IT support market by AI technology providing an end-to-end, automated resolution for L1 employee support.

AI-led automated employee service desk platform Rezolve AI has raised $500,000 led by Venture Catalyst.

The round also saw participation from Venkat Raju, serial entrepreneur and technology evangelist; Shanmugam Nagappan, seasoned IT leader; Dhrumil Shah and Harshit Shah, seasoned angel investors from Ahmedabad; and Aloknath De, veteran technologist.

Speaking about its product, Saurabh Kumar, CEO of Rezolve.ai, said, 

“Most employee service desks are still using traditional models, tools, and KPIs. As a result, employees still waste a substantial amount of time getting simple issues resolved manually. Rezolve.ai is revolutionizing employee support by auto-resolving most employee issues within seconds and providing an industry-leading ROI and resolution rates."

Saurabh Kumar, CEO, Rezolve.ai

Founded by Saurabh Kumar, Manish Sharma, and Uday Bhaskar Reddy, Rezolve.ai aims to disrupt the IT support market by AI technology providing an end-to-end, automated resolution for L1 employee support.

The SaaS-based platform automates all the repetitive tasks in the employee service desk, improving the overall service management by saving more time and effort for complex issues.

"Over the last couple of years, our product has succeeded in developing commonly needed knowledge, task, and process automation skills – all available to employees at their channel of choice – MS Teams,” claimed Saurabh.

Udaya Bhaskar Reddy, CTO and Head of Engineering – Rezolve.ai, added, Rezolve.ai is an innovative and robust product. We will continue to lead the space of employee support, with each new product release representing a handful of gems.”

"Many enterprises are looking to improve IT support and employee engagement and are finding that they can leapfrog to the next level of automation with our innovative product. We have a deep relationship with Microsoft and our positioning as ‘MS Teams based AI Service desk’ is resonating with customers,” said Manish Sharma, COO, Rezolve.ai.

Commenting on the investment, Apoorva Ranjan Sharma, Co-founder & President – Venture Catalysts said,

"IT support cost is undoubtedly a major liability for companies. The team at Resolve.ai is using AI to automate L1 support that will essentially help organizations in cost-cutting by reducing human involvement. The market that the venture is addressing is worth $10 billion. The company is well-equipped to capitalise on this market because automation in the IT support domain is largely unexplored to date. This, along with the founding team’s dedication, makes us very confident of the investment.”

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta


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