[Jobs for All] India’s first-ever mega virtual job event, Great Indian Job Fest ’20, offers 30,000 flexible positions

The Great Indian Job Fest, a 10-day fest organised by Awign from November 7 to 17, is a one-of-its-kind virtual initiative to bring employment to people from over 15,000 pincodes in India.

The Indian job market is facing one of its most challenging times amid the COVID-19 crisis. In the organised sector alone, an estimated 21 million salaried employees lost their jobs by the end of August, according to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE). India had 86 million salaried employees during 2019-20, and in August 2020, this number was down to 65 million.

There is clearly an urgent need to create employment for the vast majority of India’s unemployed, and YourStory is proud to be a part of The Great Indian Job Fest ’20 (GIJF’20), a 10-day fest from November 7 to 17.

A one-of-its-kind virtual initiative, GIJF’20 is expected to bring employment to people from over 15,000 pincodes in India.

The virtual event is being organised by Awign, one of India’s leading work fulfilment platforms, to take up on-the-ground job listings from businesses and meet them through the gig workforce.

As media partner to the event, YourStory aims to expand the scope of 'Jobs for All: In India, For India,' its campaign to catalyse job creation in India, be a voice for job seekers, spotlight India’s job creators, showcase India’s skill providers, and match job creators and seekers.

GIJF’20 will offer 30,000 flexible positions from Awign’s varied lines of businesses. The tech-back virtual fest will cover the end-to-end digital job cycle offering complete ease to candidates participating in the fest. It will offer flexible positions based on a candidate's location, skillset, time availability, and past experience from Awign’s varied lines of businesses with an average salary range of Rs 12,000-25,000 per month across sales and marketing, tele-calling, delivery, business development, invigilators, online tuition, auditing, background verification, and digital gig roles.

High school and higher secondary school pass outs (any stream), college students (any course or year), college pass-outs (any degree) may apply.

How to participate

“Participating in the virtual job fest is fairly simple,” explains Sarthak Annanya, Co-founder and CEO, Awign, “The only requirement is a basic smartphone with an uninterrupted internet connection. Interested candidates can register on this link to participate in the fest. Our platform will spontaneously profile candidates for matching work. Candidates can then attend online and telephonic interviews, receive work-specific training; work and get paid, all via the Awign app. Gig workers will receive continuous guidance from mentors throughout their work along with a 24x7 chat and call support. All of this is aligned with our fight against unemployment, underemployment, lack of skills and barriers to work,  as the gig economy creates the next 500 million jobs in India!”

How it works

  • The platform will profile candidates for the work available
  • Online & telephonic interviews on a first-come-first-serve basis
  • Work-specific training and fastest TAT in the country on work onset via Awign app
  • Continuous guidance and mentoring by experts as candidates execute work
  • Candidates get notified of the process and next steps via various channels like SMS, email, app notifications, and WhatsApp
  • 24x7 chat and call support by the Awign team
  • Quick updates on positions available on Awign’s website and social media handles.

After the successful execution of this virtual fest, Awign hopes to set a benchmark of offering the highest number of flexible positions within a matter of a few hours per day i.e. 3,000 flexible positions per day in India.

“In case some people are unsuccessful in their attempts to get a job during the fest, we will have them in our database and reach out to them as soon as something matches their profile!” adds Sarthak.

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta


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