[Jobs Roundup] If you love playing with words, check these content writer job openings

If writing and SEO are your forte, check this curated list of job openings for content writers at CashKaro, PhonePe, Amazon, BookMyShow, and Booking.com.

Content is king.

In an competitive world like today's, it is important to create content that doesn't just hook the target customers, but creates a long-term impact on them. Well-written and strategised content can be wielded as a marketing tool.

That's why these days a good content writer doesn't need to be only original and possess flawless writing skills; they must also be social media specialists.

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If you love playing with words and have the right skill set, YourStory Mediahas curated a list of content writer job openings:


Content Writer

Experience required: 1-3 years

Cashback and coupons platform CashKarois looking for a content professional to join its Content and SEO team. The candidate will be responsible for writing technical content for retailers and sites featured on the platform. Additionally, they will have to create content for key brands that CashKaro promotes products for, on its blog.

The ideal candidate should be able to write relevant, engaging and original content. They must have one to three years of experience in content writing.

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Experience required: 7-plus years

Amazon is looking for a candidate with more than seven years of relevant ad campaign copywriting and TV or radio scripting experience, The candidate must have the ability to work cross-team and manage feedback from the creative team, business partners, campaign managers, and marketers.

The ideal candidate must have great command over Hindi (70 percent) and English (30 percent), both. They must be able change customer perceptions and behaviour with compelling concepts and copywriting.

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PhonePeAd Copy - Content Writer

Experience required: 1-4 years

The Flipkart-owned digital payments startup is looking for a content writer to write engagement content that that reflects the brand’s voice. The candidate will be responsible for editing and producing error-free content that adheres to the brand's style guidelines. Additionally, they will have to manage projects with short deadlines, propose copy concepts, and present underlying strategic thinking to the business strategy tea,.

The candidate must have a minimum of one year's experience in blogging and ad copy writing. They should be a post graduate and have the basic knowledge of tools like Adobe Spark and Canvas.

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Executive - Content Writer

Experience required: NA

Cinema booking and ticketing platform BookMyShow is looking for a content writer with excellent command over English and good writing skills. The candidate will be responsible for creating content for marketing and brand campaigns -- mailers, notifications, ads, posters, and banners, among others.

They will also be responsible for tracking trends and turning in agile content. Knowledge of regional languages such as Tamil, Telugu or Malayalam will be an added benefit.

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Booking.comContent Writer

Experience required: 2-plus years

The in-house content agency at Booking.com is looking for an English content writer with experience in creating and editing content for B2C travel brands. The candidate will be required to collaborate with stakeholders and produce content adhering to the company's brand tone. They will be required to advise the Copy Coordinator on new project briefs and report on progress and deliverables, on a weekly basis.

The ideal candidate should have a degree in a relevant field, and the ability to  work with tools and data to inform copy approach. They should be able to maintain quality across high volumes of work with tight deadlines.

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