[Jobs roundup] Does branding excite you? Check out these managerial roles in startups

If creating brand strategies and helping in marketing is your forte, then here are a few brand manager roles for you.

A brand is often considered as an organisation's window to its customers. Thus, building a brand and maintaining it is important and crucial for any company.

One of the primary things to ensure this is by creating marketing strategies in accordance with the organisations' objectives and budget. As 'brand guardians', brand managers are expected to maintain brand integrity across all marketing initiatives and communications of the company - both online and offline. It is their duty to ensure that the company's brand is highlighted across all mediums and communication channels.

Brand managers, also sometimes known as marketing managers, often conduct market research for a company to help in making it stand-out from the competitors in the market. This involves surveying and polling demographics and determining demand for products, among other relevant field research. 

If you are someone who likes to do brand management, then here are a few roles for you.

Brand Manager


Experience needed: 3-5 years

The candidate under this role will be responsible in creating internal brand campaigns along with internal design team and external agencies. This includes end-to-end planning and execution of the full campaign as well as creating a marketing calendar for the year. They will need to make a compelling story using faculty promotion, student testimonials, result promotions, and product features to ensure every good deed the company do is highlighted. The individual will be working closely with the  category team on all seminars, workshops, conclaves, scholarship exams, university collaborations, etc.

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Brand Manager


Experience needed: 7-15 years

As a brand manager at PharmEasy, the candidate's job involves managing the entire brand and media planning / buying end-to-end. They are expected to be working with creative, media agencies. Additionally, the candidate will be responsible for the media planning and buying for the year and will be owning the company's marketing P&L. They also need to execute integrated marketing campaigns.

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Marketing Manager


Experience needed: 10+ years

As a marketing manager at PayPal, the candidate will need to participate and collaborate with cross functional teams in the organisation to understand the business requirements and to deliver solutions that can scale. They need to partner with marketing and various analytics teams to understand business requirements, analyse performance, and provide actionable insights. The individual is expected to own production, development, and maintenance of data cubes, reports, dashboards, and ongoing analyses to meet SLAs and manage the continual updates of the marketing mix models by including the latest data and trends.

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Brand marketing manager


Experience needed: not specified

Cashfree is looking for someone who can bring its brand to life, stay on top of all product and non-product communications, and develop winning campaigns to communicate the same. The individual will be responsible for building a community where they need to identify the different audience groups such as developers, C level executives, industry verticals, and grow brand awareness among the communities by developing campaigns across earned, owned, and paid channels. They must also be ready to drive the campaigns end-to-end, and this would involve research, briefs, conceptualising, creative development, media plans, and measurement.

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Brand Manager

Procter and Gamble

Experience needed: 1-3 years

The role expects the candidate to be the owner of their own brand equity. They will be responsible for maintaining and building its strength in consumers' minds through advertising, media, and other marketing vehicles. They will be involved in the marketing plan development, building on consumer and customer understandings to deliver overall business objectives. As part of a multifunctional team, they are also expected to develop and execute a promotion/ media/public relations/direct-to-consumer plan, work with the retail customers, re-launch an existing brand or introduce a new product or a new category. 

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