Best of Weekender: From a candid chat with fashion designer Manish Malhotra to insights from Emma Donoghue on her latest novel

This weekend, read all about fashion designer-entrepreneur Manish Malhotra’s work over the years, author Emma Donoghue’s new book, and why the short film, B Selvi and Daughters, is a fascinating look at women and entrepreneurship.

Manish Malhotra, the fashion designer-entrepreneur behind iconic star makeovers like Karisma Kapoor’s look in Raja Hindustani, Urmila Matondkar’s smouldering style in Rangeela or the late Sridevi, his work has taken the industry by storm.

Manish Malhotra

Despite being criticised by other fashion designers as an “outsider” and catering to a film clientele, Manish has not only made a mark as an intrepid designer but has also branched out into many exciting forays that include beauty, productions, make-up, and homes.

Don’t miss our interview with the designer as he completes 30 years in the industry in 2020, and talks about how every day is a new learning for him, and how entrepreneurship can get a bit tedious and daunting, though it’s also very rewarding.

Emma Donoghue

Irish-Canadian author Emma Donoghue, who set the literary world on fire with her 2010 novel Room, was a part of the Tata Literature Live! Mumbai LitFest discussions that were broadcast live due to the pandemic.

Her book, Room, told from the perspective of a five-year-old boy, Jack, who is held captive in a small room along with his mother for years, created a world and language of its own.

It was shortlisted for the Booker Prize, longlisted for the Orange Prize, won the 2011 Commonwealth Writers' Prize regional prize, and was made into a critically acclaimed movie. She has now written a new book - The Pull of the Stars, a gripping story set in the midst of a flu pandemic.

Don’t miss our email interaction with Emma as she talks about her novels, her writing journey, and her plans for the future.

Director Drishya with the actors during the shooting of B Selvi & Daughters

B Selvi and Daughters is a story of a widowed woman in her 50s, trying to fulfil her dream of building a successful business. But that’s just the broader theme. The 25-minute-long film is also the story of most women.

Tamil short-film B Selvi & Daughters is the story of a woman who has dreams beyond her family. It is about her struggle when asked to choose between a family and a career.

Read our exclusive interview with director Drishya as she talks about how she wanted to explore the deeper, complex sides of the quintessential Tamil mother, who has a multitude of internal struggles outside her motherhood.

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Neha Agarwal

A creator at heart, Neha Agarwal, Founder, Digi Acai, is an SEO specialist. After having worked in the SEO space for over 11 years, Neha started her own consulting services.

Her experience of being a mum and balancing her career with it pushed her to start, a community for millennial moms. Today, over 25,000 moms are a part of it and together they inspire each other and discuss their experiences.

As for her motto, ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ is the best way to try out new adventures and work towards new and exciting goals.

Don’t miss Neha’s responses to our Proust questionnaire where she talks about her greatest loves, treasures, regrets and more.

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