Biryani, Gulab Jamun, and Bat Soup: Here is what Zomato users wanted in 2020

Darjeeling beat every other city, including the metros, in spending on every order. The average order value in this city was almost Rs 500. Chandigarh doesn’t sleep, you know why? Because they like ordering from Zomato at midnight the most.

It looks like biryani was the comfort food of of the year, as Zomato, in its 2020 Rewind report, shares that they delivered 22 orders of biriyani every minute of 2020.

Darjeeling beat every other city, including the metros, in terms of money spent on every order. The average order value from this city was almost Rs 500. And Chandigarh led the way in making the most number of midnight orders.

After biryani, pizza takes the spot with more than 4.5 lakh orders of pizza in May, which went on to become over 9 lakh by July, over 12 lakh by September, and finally over 17 lakh pizza orders in November. In fact, one customer in Jalgaon, Maharashtra, ordered 369 pizzas this year. However, the most number of orders on Zomato came from a user named Yash in Bengaluru, who placed 1,380 orders in 2020. That is almost four orders every day. By order value, the most expensive order was at nearly Rs 2 lakh, and the smallest order was of Rs Rs 10.01 (on discounted price).

Interestingly, about 414 people searched for ‘bat soup’ on the app.

Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune ordered 25 lakh momos, with Delhi ordering it more times than all other cities combined.

Apart from these, Gulab Jamun was crowned India's favourite dessert- over one lakh orders were placed during the Diwali week only, and Mumbai led the chart in 2020.

In terms of tips, Mumbai’s delivery partners received a total of Rs 4.6 crore in tips, followed by Goa where 20 people gave Rs 2000 in tips. 

Edited by Anju Narayanan


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