DigiBoxx becomes the first indigenous tech startup to enter the Digital Asset Management business


India saw the launch of its first indigenous digital asset management SaaS platform, DigiBoxx, on December 22, 2020. DigiBoxx is an intelligent Indian digital file storage,sharing and management product for business as well as individual users. It provides an easy and secure way to store all the files in one centralised location. The SaaS offering is a product of a tech startup founded and promoted by Arnab Mitra, MD, LIQVD ASIA along with Ashish Jalan and Vivek Suchanti, Concept Group. DigiBoxx is the first indigenous tech startup to enter the Digital Asset Management business.

Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog, virtually launched DigiBoxx. Commenting on the innovation, he said, “This is indigenous innovation at its best. I have always maintained that the Indian tech industry can be globally competitive in all aspects and DigiBoxx is such an example. It ticks all the rights boxes for India Inc’s needs but also fills a gap for the MSME universe which is untapped. Now most of India can store, save and share in India without fear of security threats and data localisation concerns.” In his address he highlighted that the pandemic has further boosted the need for robust and ubiquitous digital asset management services in India in the same way as monetisation boosted digital payment.

Amitabh Kant shared his hopes of seeing many more similar innovations by Indian startups aligned towards the vision of an Aatmairbhar Bharat and thereby make dependence on foreign SaaS products a thing of the past. In his address, he highlighted how India, with 600 million internet connections, affordable mobile data, and high smartphone data usage for smartphones at 9.8 GB per month, presents an opportunity to ensure that the government services reach the last mile. He shares, “The government’s vision of ‘Cloud 2022’ is aimed at making India a global hub for cloud storage, management and computing.” Amitabh Kant also signed up for an account, making him the first user of DigiBoxx.

Vivek Suchanti, Chairman, DigiBoxx, shared, “We are honored to have Mr. Amitabh Kant launch Digiboxx and register (NITI Aayog) as our very first user. We are determined to join the Government’s Make In India and Vocal for Local initiatives to drive the vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat.” He added that DigiBoxx is geared to provide data protection and contribute to the growth of the digital engagement landscape in India. “Our efforts will ensure that over 5000 engineers and 10 million users are impacted in the near term reiterating our commitment to India.”

There are a number of features that make DigiBoxx a first-of its-kind cutting edge solution introduced by an Indian startup. For instance, a file-sharing feature named 'InstaShare' allows users to share large-size documents, high-resolution images, videos, PDFs in a very short time by registering on the app. With the user-friendly feature, it will take just seconds to share any file. It has free 2GB storage space and the file shared can be accessed up to 45 days.

Detailing DigitaBoxx’s data sharing features, Arnab Mitra, CEO, DigiBoxx said, “DigiBoxx helps in the seamless sharing of data with partners, social media pages while retaining the admin rights of that document. So, it can save, control and monitor who is accessing data in real-time.”

Arnab explained that DigiBoxx has been conceptualised and designed based on real feedback from the industry, and thus will ease work processes for individuals and companies in a post-COVID world of enhanced digital engagement. “Considering the efficiency metric and the promised pricing, DigiBoxx is a technological breakthrough for the 600 million+ internet users of the country.”


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