[Funding alert] Cloud-based browser testing platform LambdaTest raises $6M led by Sequoia’s Surge

The funds will help the San Francisco-based testing infrastructure company to build a next-generation cloud infrastructure for the developer and tester community globally.

Cloud-based browser testing platform LambdaTest on Wednesday announced it has secured $6 million in funding led by Sequoia Capital India’s Surge, a rapid scale-up programme for startups in Southeast Asia and India. Blume Ventures, Entrée Capital, and Leo Capital also participated in the round, along with Gokul Rajaram and Ramakant Sharma.


Founded in 2017 by Asad Khan and Jay Singh, LambdaTest is a testing infrastructure company that allows developers to test their websites and apps on any browser or operating system environment.

Test automation is critical with today's agile development cycles but building an in-house device lab can be prohibitively expensive for businesses. LambdaTest bridges this gap by allowing users to run both manual and automated tests on their websites and webapps across over 2,000 different browsers and operating system environments.

LamdaTest Founders - Asad Khan and Jay Singh

Since its launch, the company has been used to perform more than 12 million tests by its 350,000 users, including individuals, SMEs and Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox, Cisco, Deloitte, Media.net, Coca-Cola, Trepp, SurveyMonkey, Capgemini, HBR, Dashlane, and Zoho.


With the platform, companies can test their website’s look, feel and performance on different browsers, operating systems and device combinations. Equally, in today’s development cycles where automation is crucial, it allows businesses to scale as their testing requirements grow.


Following the pandemic, the company claims to have seen 8-10 percent month-on-month growth in terms of sign-ups, customers, website visits, and revenue, and has more than 350,000 users from 132 countries using the platform.

“Our ultimate goal is to bring the whole testing ecosystem to the cloud platform, where all testing processes are done in a seamlessly integrated infrastructure that is easy to scale up and helps for easy application, debugging, and ultimately helping to bring out the best quality products in the shortest amount of time,” said Asad Khan, Co-founder and CEO, LambdaTest.

“This round of funding validates our efforts and strengthens our commitment to building a next-generation cloud infrastructure for the developer and tester community,” Khan added.

Edited by Kanishk Singh


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