Inflection Point Ventures announces Rs 155 Cr for 2021

The startup has funded 64 companies over the last three years, and will be funding around sixty startups in 2021.

Pre-Series A and seed investor Inflection Point Ventures (IPV) has announced a corpus of Rs 155 crore for the year 2021. IPV is a network of 4,000 C-Suite individuals across the world who fund startups with a common term sheet under the IPV banner.

Speaking with YourStory, Vinay Bansal, the CEO and Co-founder of IPV ventures, said: "We are a sector-agnostic fund. We are democratising investing from the investor and startup perspective. Our entire network of C-Suite leaders are global and we have access to a larger pool of funds.”

The company funded nine startups in 2018, 15 in 2019, and funded 40 companies in 2020.

"2020 has been a busy year for us. We will be investing in 60 startups next year out of a startup deal flow of 5,000 companies. IPV is looking at strong leadership capabilities and founders need to have clear understanding of their business," said Vinay.

It has invested in companies like CleaneCar, Syook, Intugine, GeoIQ, Wishup, and Rene. It has also invested in different sectors like artificial intelligence, consumer tech, fintech, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and blockchain.

IPV's investment decisions are driven by a commitment call, where the lead IPV member presents their due diligence on the startup to all the members on the platform. From here on individuals invest under the IPV banner.

The fund has developed a unique scorecard to rate startups. The IPV team members invest in the startups through the platform on the basis of the recommendation of their network. Some of the investors are the C-Suite leaders from BookMyShow, Tally Solutions, and ex-Myntra executives

In 2018-2019, it had only 500 applications. But over the last year, the deal flow has increased ten-fold.

Its network includes former and current entrepreneurs of successful startups, people in CXO positions in big corporations, partners at leading PE and VC firms, and those with backgrounds in consulting and banking. They very demanding of each other and several members are exploring startup investing for the first time.

Edited by Megha Reddy