[Jobs Roundup] Explore the women-majority world of resellers through these jobs at Meesho

From software engineering to product development and user growth manager, take a look at these jobs at Meesho that are up for grabs.

Social commerce platform Meesho’s growth has come with many women gaining financial independence and a newfound identity as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneur Vidit Aatrey recently shared his joy about the fact that the startup is empowering women and mothers across India whose identity was tied to their social relations, prior to joining the platform.

In five years since starting up, the reselling app is backed by tech giants like Facebook and attained the coveted unicorn status with an impressive record of fundraise.

If you are interested in being part of this growing startup empowering a pool of women entrepreneurs, these are job openings are up for grabs.

Software Development Engineer

Experience required: 6-10 years

The startup is looking for an experienced software developer to solve real-life complex problems and create compelling experiences for its resellers.

This role will be tasked with taking complete ownership of projects and their development cycle with a focus on scalability, performance, service robustness, and cost trade-offs.

The ideal candidate should have an eye for detail, the ability to think abstractly, and be willing to explore, automate, and optimise systems and tools to meet changing business and market needs. They should possess a strong knowledge in any of the databases like MySQL, NoSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL.

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User Growth Manager

Experience required: 2-4 years

Meesho is looking to hire a growth manager who can help scale the startup faster and will play a critical role in reseller acquisition, engagement and growth.

The idea candidate should have experience in online growth marketing, organic user growth methods, and strong analytical and problem-solving skills. They should possess a great understanding of social media works to leverage for the startup’s growth.

Day-to-day responsibilities would include planning and executing growth strategies to onboard new resellers and retain the existing ones on the platform.

The candidate will be required to conduct quick experiments to validate hypotheses and make data-driven decisions. They need to coordinate with internal teams like a product to drive user growth and get the right product mix.

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Product Operations Analyst

Experience required: 2 years

The Product Operations Analyst will be part of the Chief Product Officer’s team to track all stages of the product development lifecycle.

They will work closely with product teams to balance between speed and quality of execution and take ownership of reporting of status to key stakeholders.

The ideal candidate should have prior experience in product and business analytics role, or programme management role in a tech startup, along with strong written and verbal communication.

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Business Finance Manager

Experience required: 3-6 years

The business finance manager will play a critical role in leading the business unit of the Series D funded startup.

In this role, the candidate must identify gaps in the profit and loss of the business unit that directly impacts the startup’s revenue and growth. Taking charge of ROI mapping and developing a mechanism to understand the cash inflow and outflow is another crucial responsibility

The candidate will also be tasked with developing financial plans along with other business and technology teams, tracking and measuring key financials and business metrics, overseeing overall policies, objectives of activities related to the revenue cycle to optimise operations, among other things.

The ideal candidate should be collaborative, self-motivated and possess strong communication and interpersonal skills.

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Director of Product Management

Experience required: 8 years

As the director of product management, the candidate should gain a good understanding of the reselling market and needs of resellers through landscape analysis, customer interviews, user research, competition analysis, among other techniques.

Leading teams of product managers and analysts, they must develop sharp product vision and strategy, adopt a structured approach to identify what problems, define detailed product requirements with a market plan, and create a product roadmap.

The ideal candidate should possess eight years of experience with at least six years in product management, exceptional problem-solving prowess, and a good understanding of technology.

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Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta


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