‘The right intent can solve the biggest of problems’ – 35 quotes from Indian startup journeys

From intention to implementation, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these quotes, excerpts, and stories!

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Building a robust and adept team should be the biggest consideration for any founder. - Mihir Mehta, Ashika Group

It is very important for the startup founders to keep their energy levels high during the testing times in order to thrive in the future. - Sunit Gajbhiye, Financepeer

Local entrepreneurs and manufacturers are vital to the success of the global retail sector. Doug McMillon, Walmart

Startup innovation has the potential to solve some of the world’s most intractable problems in healthcare, education, and agriculture, among others. - Alexandre Lazarow, ‘Out-Innovate’

Developing that mindset of a curious, resilient, hard-working, risk-taking, path-breaking DOER is important – whether you apply it in business or social change. - Vrunda Bansode ‘Become a Junior Entrepreneur’

The founder-investor fit is a different metric altogether. - Arjun Rao, Speciale Invest

Startups need varied and comprehensive advisory services, in addition to capital, to hit notable growth strides in early stages of evolution. - Anjali Ajaikumar, HCG

In the next few years, venture debt in India will gradually catch up to global benchmarks and capture a larger pie of all early-stage capital. - Punit Shah, Alteria Capital

The ability to innovate your company around the customer is a constant source of competitive advantage. - Marion Debruyne and Koen Tackx, 'Customer Innovation'

Innovation changes people, cultures and norms. How far are you willing to go to write a story no one ever heard of? - Miri Rodriguez, ‘Brand Storytelling’

Snacking is not the devil it is being made out to be. There’s in fact a lot going for it: it makes you less cranky, keeps your weight under control, and provides essential nutrients. - Kavita Devgan, Tata Nutrikorner

Poultry in India is rarely grass-fed and free-range and therefore best avoided. Mutton and lamb are mostly free-range and far safer. - Deepa Kannan, PFNR

Selling beer in India is the same as selling it in 29 different countries. - Rohan Khare, Bad Monkey Beer

In India, the cultural mindset limits wearing intimate and night apparel inside the bedroom. - Aayuushi and Anushka Agarwal, Erotissch

MSME is the backbone of the Indian economy...a total 30 percent of the GDP in Indian economy is contributed by the MSME. Out of our total exports, 48 percent is also from MSME. - Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of MSMEs

India's electric vehicle market could be worth nearly $206 billion (about Rs 14,42,000 crore) in the coming decade if India were to achieve its 2030 electric vehicle (EV) ambitions. - CEEW-CEF report

As the cost of sequencing goes down, more and more people can get their genome sequence. - Avantika Lal, NVIDIA

It’s important to build trust with farmers to work with them. - Anu Meena, AgroWave

The ability to build a successful company on the back of rural empowerment and community impact is more than a unique attribute; it is a superpower. - Shreya Sinha, IndiVillage Foundation

India’s development cannot just take place in urban centres; the rural economy needs to be vitalised as well. - Sudha Srinivasan, N/Core

The aspiration of people living in the villages are growing and they want social-economic mobility. - Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The buying pattern of low- and the middle-income group is different, especially in smaller markets. - Sandeep Singhal, WestBridge

A change will come only when the citizens of India consciously believe that children below the age of 18 should not work, irrespective of their financial backgrounds. - Puja Marwaha, CRY

We are so culturally rich due to the languages we speak. But we still have a long way to catch up business-wise in the indie music front. - Siri Narayan

While our education system churns out global leaders, we have been unable to solve for universal access. - Achin Bhattacharyya, Notebook

It is possible to have a company that is good for business AND good for the environment. -  Sandeep Singh, Blue Tribe

If women are to be empowered through their news consumption, it is important to understand their news needs, news consumption and their interaction with the new digital technologies and social media. - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation report

Design should solve a customer problem and create delight. - Madhumita Gupta, Atlassian

Find a way to keep wiping your mind clear of its prejudices, especially if the design and development process takes a long time. - Ramkripa Ananthan, Mahindra & Mahindra

It is all about having the right model at the right price and at the right time. - Apoorv Bhatt, EOL Stocks

Minimalism is the key to sophistication. - Vishakha Sethi, Shrutkirti

You shouldn’t get attached to what you write, be ruthless with it and the best version will last. - Aravind SA, ‘I Was Not Ready Da’

Don't get distracted. Do not focus on numbers. Focus on what you do the best. Success will follow. - Niyati Chander, SmartDEN

If you can attach your message to something already organically out there...that can be a very successful way to proceed. - Ryan Graciano, Credit Karma

Pairing the right brand narrative with an optimal platform is key to the positioning of any startup in the country. - Anshul Sushil, Wizikey

The mistake is thinking of “important” and “urgent” as synonymous and not realising the difference between the two terms and how you should prioritise them. - Peter Hollins, ‘Mental Models’

The right intent can solve the biggest of problems. It is important to focus on the deeper purpose and reason. Only then can tech be built. - Pulkit Jain, Vedantu

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