For Rohit Ahuja, solving a problem should be the fundamental drive to starting up


When Rohit Ahuja was growing up, his father taught him a valuable lesson that forever shaped his outlook towards work. “Whatever you do in life, it must be done with so much effort that you will reach the top. If you are going to polish shoes: Do it with such dedication that no one can polish shoes like you, and that attitude will help you progress in life,” he recounts his father telling him.

It was Rohit’s father who inspired him to start his business, Tejas Corporate Services, three years ago. When he was 12 years old, Rohit had wanted to be a scientist. “But as I got older, I realised I was not that sharp in the sciences...but I finally found my true calling as an entrepreneur.”

He feels lucky to have been born in Punjab and is proud of his upbringing as a Punjabi. “The impression people have of Punjabis is very nice. They are resilient, and do not shy away from challenges… If I am born again as a human being, I would like to be re-born in Punjab,” he says.

Much like any true-blue Punjabi, Rohit lovesRajma Chawal and is also an avid tea and coffee drinker. In his spare time, he likes to watch TV series online. Given a chance to have dinner with three famous personalities, he would pick Elon Musk, Narendra Modi and George Clooney.

For Rohit, the Xcelerator Ludhiana is the path to success. His idea of success is based on self-awareness, something, “that allows for happiness and contentment in life.”

This self-awareness is also prevalent in the handling of his business affairs. “My biggest advantage (on the business front) is that we have worked in the market with full integrity, so we won’t find any negative review in the market.”

Rohit believes that the on-boarding of the right digital tools and software, an extra hire to assist him in the daily functioning of the office, and polishing his leadership skills will help solve a lot of his business challenges.

His advice to budding entrepreneurs? “If you are considering starting up, try to look beyond IT... If you can solve the problem of your community, or a particular consumer through your venture, then that is also a startup...much progress can be made if you can think beyond the IT sector,” he says.


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