[Money Matters in the rearview mirror] When hope emerged as a common theme within the Indian startup ecosystem

In a year that was difficult for all, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, hope seemed to emerge as a common binding theme within the Indian startup ecosystem

As 2020 draws to a close we look back at some of the highlights from our video series, Money Matters, which we started amidst the pandemic. Several prominent names from India’s startup ecosystem have featured in the series so far. The list is long and distinguished, from CRED’s Kunal Shah to PVR’s Ajay Bijli, BookMyShow’s Ashish Hemrajani, Lenskart’s Peyush Bansal to WOW Skin Science’s Manish Chowdhary, and Unacademy’s Gaurav Munjal, among several others.

We have curated a list of videos from the year gone by, along with the stories we did on them.

CRED Founder Kunal Shah

“While India will bounce back, it is an opportunity for the youth to realise how to thrive in crises. Either people will emerge as winners or get decimated. Every turn can make you win or lose, and many people have to be responsible for their actions,” said Kunal. [Read the full story here]

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PVR Founder Ajay Bijli

“These youngsters are resilient and restless, and they want to go out. If the safety, security, and sanitisation of theatres are taken care of, people will come back to the big screen,” said Ajay. [Read the full story here]

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Unacademy Founder Gaurav Munjal

“The biggest consumer internet company in India will not be an ecommerce company, but an education company,” said Gaurav. [Read the full story here]

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BookMyShow Founder Ashish Hemrajani

“In good times, people forget the bad. And in bad times, people forget the good. Memories are very short...Just like the stock market and businesses, life is cyclical... Humans are social animals and we are going to come back. What, how, and when, we need to find out,” said Ashish. [Read the full story here]

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Postman Founder Abhinav Asthana 

“If I start flying too high, his (father’s) counsel is always like ‘just relax a little bit, go do your job’. I have an awesome mom and dad, I’d say they are proud and they are happy,” said Abhinav. [Read the full story here]

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Druva Founder Jaspreet Singh

“Ultimately no matter what an entrepreneur may sell you, there is a good chunk of luck.  No matter how great your wings are — if you had to jump off a mountain to fly, then the wind has to be there. You must time the winds,” said Jaspreet. [Read the full story here]

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Lenskart Founder Peyush Bansal

“Our general view is that everything will be fine in the long term. Plus-minus six, nine, or 12 months also doesn't bother us; we know things will be fine in the long term,” said Peyush. [Read the full story here]

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WOW Skin Science Co-founder Manish Chowdhary

“We are just scratching the surface. Abhi toh sirf trailer hai, picture abhi baaki hai. (This is just the trailer, the film is yet to come),” said Manish. [Read the full story here]

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Times Internet Vice Chairman Satyan Gajwani

“Honestly, most companies, they talk a lot of game about being very entrepreneurial, entrepreneurs and blah blah… most of it is BS (Bullsh**),” said Satyan. [Read the full story here]

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TVS Capital Funds Chairman Gopal Srinivasan

“Prime Minister (Modi), I think he loves entrepreneurship. I have met him in groups, at least, two times in long meetings. I sense a man who believes...that the nation's freedom fighters of this age are entrepreneurs,” said Gopal.  [Read the full story here]

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