Elon Musk and climate change; Joe Biden launches '100 days mask challenge'

In order to contain the further outbreak and combat the pandemic, newly appointed US President Joe Biden has launched a full-scale wartime effort against COVID-19 in the US.

Climate change has been the hottest topic of the last decade, pun intended.

And now, Elon Musk has joined the battle to fight for the planet as well. The Tesla CEO tweeted on Thursday that he is going to donate $100 million for the best Carbon Capture Technology or CCT.

CCT helps in trapping carbon dioxide at the source of its emission and transporting it to a storage facility and isolating it. This, experts believe, can pave the way for a much greener future.

The coronavirus pandemic is still raging across the world. And the United States is leading the count in both confirmed cases and deaths. So far, over 24 million cases of COVID-19 and over 400,000 deaths have been confirmed in the US.

In order to contain the further outbreak and combat the pandemic, newly appointed US President Joe Biden has launched a full-scale wartime effort against COVID-19 in the US

Biden signed a series of executive orders to address several challenges and issued a 100-day mask challenge. 

Additionally, overseas travellers to the United States will not only need to wear a mask but also get tested before they get on the plane and before they depart, and quarantine when they arrive.

The President’s plan will also launch an aggressive, safe, and effective vaccination campaign to meet the goal of administering 100 million shots in his first 100 days in office.

The Interview 

The edtech industry has seen a phenomenal rise this year owing to the coronavirus-induced lockdown. Mukul Rustagi and his team at Classplus found themselves in the right position to digitise the after-school coaching industry. The edtech company enables educators to set up an online identity through a SaaS platform for private coaching centres, helping them shift online and make them relevant. Within 15 months of its launch, the industry has helped digitise 1,200 coaching centres from across India.

Here are some key takeaways from the interview:

  • Learnings from the last 12 months
  • Scaling up to 100 cities
  • Making the edtech ecosystem sustainable
  • Key technologies that Classplus leverages
  • Strategies for the next two years

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