Puneet Goyal believes that an entrepreneur is a fighter who stays for 10 more minutes in the ring than all the others


When it comes to his priorities in life, Puneet Goyal places his relationships above everything else. Even if he were given a chance to have dinner with any four famous personalities, he would still prefer the company of his family over everyone else.

Known as Pradhan ji to those close to him, Puneet considers the friendships that he has built in his lifetime as his greatest achievement. He prides himself on the fact that he is a bankable friend, and is the go-to person that people in his circle would reach out to to solve any issues, just like Rancho: the main character played by Aamir Khan in 3 Idiots, which is also the movie that he believes perfectly describes his life.

And just like Rancho, Puneet is motivated by big dreams and even bigger principles.

“I strongly believe that the life that I have been given is meant for the service of society. It is what motivates me to get up in the morning,” he says, which is why when he is not listening to fun-filled songs by artists like Badshah, he spends a significant amount of his free time carrying out service at an ashram.

His father inspired him to start a business, which is how he first began Shree Jee Global in 2017 with the aim to make it one of the best organisations to work for in India. The spirit of service is also embedded in the DNA of the business, because for Puneet, success is when people who work for the organisation can give their children top-quality education, and can lead the best of lives.

Two of his biggest role models are his father and his elder, who have always guided him to maintain the family reputation when he steps out to earn a livelihood. They also taught him that a true leader is an inclusive one who always takes everyone in the team towards growth and fulfillment. “They also told me that a real leader is one who keeps fighting the good fight 10 minutes more than everyone else,” he says.

For all his ideals and principles, Puneet believes that nothing can substitute the power of hard work and determination to succeed as an entrepreneur. He is neither a morning or a night person, ever ready to tend to the business at any time of the day if needed, with a coffee at hand.

He hopes that in the new year, Life of Paris, the main brand of his ventures, gets onto a new platform and possibly doubles its sales. He considers marketing as his forte, and feels that he would be up to the task to teach business development and entrepreneurship to students.

His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is, “Karm kar, fal ki chinta na kar. Work hard with determination.” And if any entrepreneur ever needs his help, he is always ready to provide guidance.


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