‘A massive digital explosion is poised to occur in the global healthcare ecosystem’ – 20 quotes of the week on digital transformation

From digital change to Digital India, these quotes from the week of December 28–January 4 capture tech impacts sweeping across the world.

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Edtech, content, SaaS, healthcare, fintech and ecommerce are sectors where we expect significant behavioural shift to fully digital solutions. - Hemant Mohapatra, Lightspeed India

Escrow-as-a-service is a huge, underserved opportunity. - Vineet K Singh, NCOME

Even though privacy is a niche subject, people are more aware now. - Aditya Vuchi, Doosra

Always find a balance between technical acumen and getting a product out in the market. Engineers get carried away by technical complexities, but you need to build something for people to use. - Swapnil Jain, Ather

Today, with users having many options online to learn and be entertained, coherent event content can make all the difference in attracting audiences. - Vinay Dora, Crowd Product

A true digital-first economy cannot be based on just ecommerce growth; other businesses too have to move beyond traditional practices. - Karan Mohla, Chiratae Ventures

As long as we can continue to focus on developing the right partnerships and servicing the right customers, there's a lot of room for growth in the SMB space, mid-market enterprise, government, and education. - Abe Smith, Zoom

There will be a lot of emphasis on virtual reality software and other technologies for an enhanced employee experience...GenZ will prefer a work-from-anywhere model. - Annil Chandel, Wurkr

There is enormous opportunity for SMBs to grow and scale in 2021 with the power of technology. - Harish Vellat, Microsoft India

Due to increasing internet and mobile penetration, children in India are at risk of cyberbullying. - Amitabh Kumar, YOLO

Businesses, both online and offline, are keener than ever to partner with digital payment platforms to accelerate their growth. - Karthik Raghupathy, PhonePe

With Facebook and Google acquiring stake in Reliance Jio, it may be only a matter of time before antitrust issues arrive at the table of the Competition Commission of India. - V. Sridhar, IIIT Bangalore

Humanitarian aid is one of the areas that hasn’t benefited from AI as such. - Pranav Khaitan, Google

2021 will continue to see India innovate. Technology will be the new mainstay and startups will leverage it for cost efficiency, scale, and transparency. - Padmaja Ruparel, IAN

Solicitation and advertisements of lawyers are banned in India, which makes curation of lawyers in a single platform even more essential. - Nikhil Anand, LegatoApp

The bike rental space is fast emerging as a viable alternate to bike ownership. - Sohinder Gill, Hero Electric

Companies have tried to do FaaS (farming-as-a-service) with mechanisation and failed because of scalability issues, limited value addition, and failure to ring-fence the farmer. - Mithil Gandhi, Ujjay

The digital boom has undeniably put the Indian agritech industry on the map. - Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, Venture Catalysts

The idea around monitoring an individual’s health status and well-being, powered by data and patient information, has now become a norm. - Anand Daniel, Accel Partners

A massive digital explosion is poised to occur in the global healthcare ecosystem. This resembles the Cambrian radiation explosion that happened 540 million years ago, but all for the greater good. - Murali Aravamudan, nference

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Edited by Teja Lele Desai