Budget 2021: It's time to upskill yourself and build a job creator mindset, Kunal Shah to youth

Kunal Shah, Founder of CRED, said the government has created initiatives for startups but the youth should work towards creating a new world and economy. There is a need for more entrepreneurs, for more job creators, he said.
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"The country is not going to be made by the government alone; it is made by you and me," said Kunal Shah, Founder, CRED as he addressed a question on his message to the youth, on the sidelines of a discussion with YourStory on Budget 2021.

"It is the time to upskill; knowledge today is available today at practically no cost. There is nobody (government, parents, or company) who will solve the job and skilling issue for you. You are the player and have to play the game and be ready for what is happening."

Kunal believes India has the potential to create a $5 trillion economy, and there is immense opportunity for everyone to create wealth.

"But do you have the right skills to be prepared for the future and do you have the mindset to be an owner?," asked Kunal.

He added that it is time for every individual to think of ownership and being job creators, rather than looking at a cookie-cutter model of finding a job or being job seekers.

On the budget, Kunal added while there were a lot of initiatives for startups, he was disappointed that the budget didn’t allocate any sum to increase financial literacy. Kunal said that the overall budget was stable and reliable and indicated it was business as usual.

Specifically addressing the youngsters, Kunal said it is important to look at companies that are willing to share their wealth.

Talking further about the employee stock opportunity options (ESOPs) policy, Kunal said,

"There is room for improvement across all segments. We need to make startups a big enough thing, for government to prioritise us in the same way. We need to create awareness of ESOPs across so that every single employee demands shares in the company, the ESOP policy will change."

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