A diehard marketeer, Deepjyot Singh Sethi believes the impossible is achievable if we truly aspire towards it


Growing up, Deepjyot Singh Sethi had aspired to become a doctor, but coming from a long line of entrepreneurs who are into manufacturing, he also wanted to carry on the family legacy, and has now been moving towards that goal with a single-minded determination.

Hailing from Meerut, Deepjyot and his family moved to Ludhiana in 2010. He completed his BBA and MBA from Chandigarh and is currently pursuing his M.Com from the Indira Gandhi Open University (IGNOU). He founded Velbond Industries LLP in 2015. “The most favourite part of my job is marketing and touring... I really want people to know me for my skills in marketing,” he says.

Known as DJ among his school friends, Deepjyot’s favourite Punjabi food is Rada Chicken, Butter Chicken and even the occasional biryani. A morning person, he likes to listen to spiritual music such as the Gurbanis in his spare time and be on social media.

Given a chance to speak with the Indian Prime Minister, Deepjyot would request him to help further foster the growth of industries and provide easy financial help to the cottage industries and medical facilities. To that end, he finds the Xcelerator Ludhiana programme a blessing for entrepreneurs like himself.

For Deepjyot, success is when you can, “Spend what you earn and have time for yourself.”

When asked for his advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, he says, “Nothing is impossible if you truly aspire to do it. Find the right person and the right product, and you will attain success.”


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