This entrepreneur, who sees Donald Trump as his role model, believes his biggest achievement is yet to come


Cheerful, confident and easy-going: These are some of the traits that describe Piyush Goyal of Goyal Knitwears. Piyush loves to enjoy life to the fullest: He likes to travel, listen to Diljeet Dosanjh’s discography, prefers his wine over tea and coffee, and enjoys Saturdays mainly for the night-life. “I would go to the top of Mount Kailash just to see what is on top as no one has been there,” he says.

A fan of Paneer Tikka Masala, given a chance, he would love to have dinner with Kiara Advani, Angelina Jolie, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. ”On one level, Donald Trump is my role model because despite all the backlash and insults he faced, he still managed to become the president of the United States,” he says with a laugh.

Piyush’s larger than life outlook also shapes his work life. “Ambition is what motivated me to be an entrepreneur,” he says, adding that with Goyal Knitwear, he is trying to bring happiness to people’s lives through quality products. His favourite part of the job is sales and when asked what is his greatest achievement, he said, “My greatest achievement is yet to come.”

For Piyush, success is when you feel satisfaction. His advice to entrepreneurs? “ Just do what you like and follow your own path, don’t listen to other people.”

Piyush Goyal is a member of Xcelerator Ludhiana Class of 2021. Learn more here.


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