75 pc of Indian professionals will look for new jobs in 2021: LinkedIn survey

The LinkedIn survey, which discussed how job seekers in India are overcoming challenges of finding a job today, was based on 1,016 responses.

Online professional network LinkedIn on Wednesday announced findings of its new Job Seeker research and revealed 3 in 4 (75 percent) professionals will consider changing jobs or actively look for a new role in the next 12 months. 

The survey, which discussed how job seekers in India are overcoming challenges of finding a job today, was based on 1,016 responses.

It revealed a sense of professional uncertainty and worry among Indian professionals as the job market continues to get more competitive in 2021.

More than one-third of job seekers in India are worried about too many recruitment stages (38 percent) and extensively long application documents (32 percent), while three in four (74 percent) professionals said they have reservations about networking. 

In a statement, LinkedIn said that despite uncertainty, India remains resilient towards career growth as two in three (64 percent) professionals say they are confident about their future progression while two in five think attending networking events (38 percent), and investing in online learning (37 percent) will be critical to landing a job in 2021.

LinkedIn also launched the 2021 ‘Jobs on the Rise’ India list in a bid to empower professionals with critical insights about the dynamic jobs landscape, especially those who may have lost their jobs during the pandemic.

The list looks at 15 fast-growing career opportunities that have seen the highest year-on-year growth rates in hiring based on LinkedIn data for the time frame of April to October 2020.

Here are the Top 15 career trends as per LinkedIn's Jobs on the Rise 2021 India list:

  1. Freelance content creators (Podcaster, Creative writer, Youtuber)
  2. Social media and digital marketing roles (Social Media Marketing Manager, Social Media Strategist, Growth Hacker) 
  3. Marketing roles (Brand Associate, Affiliate Marketing Specialist, Networking Marketing Specialist)
  4. Business Development and Sales roles (Business Development Associate, Sales Team Lead, Strategic Advisor)
  5. Specialised Engineering roles (Network Expert, Software Engineering Specialist, Back End Developer)
  6. Finance roles (Equity Trader, Regulatory Compliance Analyst, Treasurer)
  7. Education roles (Academic Advisor, Admissions Officer, Curriculum Developer)
  8. Artificial Intelligence roles (Machine Learning Specialist, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, Machine Learning Engineer)
  9. Ecommerce roles (Online Specialist, Ecommerce Coordinator)
  10. Cybersecurity roles (Security Researcher, Cybersecurity Specialist)
  11. Data science roles (Data Science Specialist, Analytics Consultant, Data Analyst)
  12. Healthcare roles (Medical Officer, Psychologist)
  13. Human resources roles (Human Resources Generalist, Human Resources Assistant, Human Resources Coordinator)
  14. User experience designer roles (User Experience Designer, User Interface Designer)
  15. Customer service roles (Customer Service Specialist)


Edited by Megha Reddy