Meet the six winning startups of the ML Elevate programme ushering the next frontier in machine learning

The winning startups made the best of the resources and insights provided to them, including mentorship by industry experts on the product-market fit, building a culture of innovation, and developing their AI capabilities to scale their ventures, among other topics.

Since its launch in October 2020, the ML Elevate programme, hosted by AWS and Yourstory in association with Intel and Nexus Venture Partners, has been the hub of learning and growth for machine learning-powered startups looking to make a difference across sectors.

In January 2021, six of the top 200 applicants were awarded AI Awards at the Amazon AI Conclave 2021 — one of the largest and most prestigious AI-centric conclaves around the world. It draws global industry leaders and experts to share their insights on the latest developments powering business growth. The winning startups got an opportunity to establish industry and venture capital connects at the event.

The winners made the best of the resources and insights provided to them, including mentorship by industry experts on the product-market fit, building a culture of innovation conducive to growth, and developing their AI capabilities to scale their ventures, among other topics.

The six categories in which the startups were awarded are:

1) AI For All:

Winner: NimbleBox Inc.

Founded in 2018 by Anshuman Pandey, Naman Maheshwari and Rohan Pooniwala, NimbleBox works with data science teams, developers and students to revolutionise the way they work on AI projects. NimbleBox also has AI and machine learning training offerings that makes training more personalised and tailored to the needs of an organisation.

2) Media, Entertainment and Gaming

Winner: Sciffer Analytics Pvt. Ltd

Sciffer Analytics Pvt. Ltd

Founded in 2016 by Karan Kabra and Chandni Priya, Pune-based Sciffer Analytics is disrupting the TV broadcasting and digital space with its innovative machine learning and deep learning software and services such as content, promo and ad optimiser, and facility management.

3) Banking and Financial Services

Winner: Kaleidofin Pvt. Ltd.

Kaleidofin Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 2017 by Puneet Gupta and Sucharita Mukherjee, Chennai-based Kaleidofin is a wealth-tech platform reaching out to 600 million underbanked Indians with tailor-made solutions that combine the power of investments, credit and insurance. The company’s technology platform reduces the cost of providing the services, making it possible to serve customers with very small savings as well.

4) Healthcare, Wellness and Life Sciences

Winner: Inventigen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Onward Assist)

Inventigen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Onward Assist)

The Hyderabad-based company, founded by Dinesh Koka and Vikas Ramachandra, is the creator of Onward Assist — the predictive analytics platform from Onward Health. Onward Health provides oncology analytics tools that help oncologists to assess a large volume of information related to patients and come to accurate clinical diagnoses. It aims to boost the efforts of oncologists, pathologists, and cancer centers in general with some help from predictive analytics.

5) Retail and Ecommerce

Winner: Bewgle Inc

Bewgle Inc

Founded by Ganga Kumar and Shantanu Shah in 2017, Bengaluru-based Bewgle works with leading ecommerce players to analyze natural language data like reviews. Its advanced AI generates actionable insights from these reviews leading to better engagement metrics and ultimately higher sales.

6) Manufacturing, Logistics and Transportation

Winner: Intentico Inc.

Intentico Incl

Founded in 2018 by Satish Medapati and team, Intentico is a Cognitive AI platform for global automotive enterprises and dealers. Intentico’s solutions enhance the overall customer experience, reduce costs and help OEMs and dealers scale their digital experiences with their customers through its CX suite of products on Natural Language Processing (NLU, NLG) NER , Speech Virtual Assistants, Chat VAs, Middleware and other supporting AI products. Intentico’s Sales-AI and Serv-AI products  cater to both OEMs and automobile dealers across the customer journey in sales and service. Its conversational Interfaces (AI Speech, Chatbots) use natural language processing, machine learning and deep learning models.

Special Mentions:

1) inVOID - AI for All

Founded in 2018 by Kunwar Raj Sethi and Sarthak Goel, inVOID is an AI verification startup that provides instant verification solutions. Their product has been created to verify users remotely without any physical documentation and in-person verification and enabling the remote onboarding of users driven by AI.

2) AIBharata - Healthcare, Wellness and Life Sciences

Founded by Vinayaka Jyothi, Sahana MS and Vivek Jyothi in 2019, AiBharata is a startup focused on developing next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) products, services, and emerging technologies. Recently, AiBharata developed an AI/ML prototype to detect and differentiate between normal, pneumonia, and COVID-19 Chest X-rays. The prototype has an overall accuracy of 90 percent in identifying the three cases and 100 percent accuracy in detecting COVID-19 infections using Chest X-rays.


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