Zerodha to provide fully equipped ambulances in Bengaluru, Mumbai

Zerodha aims to have 50 such ambulances in Bengaluru and Mumbai, each having the presence of a doctor either in person or remotely.

Help is pouring in to combat the deadly second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic with fintech unicorn Zerodha announcing plans to provide ambulances and a step-down hospital. The fully equipped ambulance will be available in the cities of Mumbai and Bengaluru.

A thread on Twitter by Zerodha said, “In the first phase, we're starting with 5 ambulances & soon hope to have 50 fully equipped ambulances in Bangalore & Mumbai to start with.”

According to Zerodha, each ambulance is equipped with a ventilator, critical care equipment, medication, a nurse, and a paramedic. It said half of them will have a doctor on board and the other half will have remote doctors. Also, five ambulances are equipped with freezing capabilities.

Zerodha is also setting up a step-down hospital in Bengaluru to serve as a transit point for oxygen delivery. The fintech unicorn is also working with other organisations which are working on various COVID-19 related issues.

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has put the healthcare infrastructure under unimaginable stress as the cases of infected patients is now averaging three lakh day.

The startup ecosystem in the country is also putting its best foot forward to combat this surge with various measures. A few are focused on ensuring the availability of oxygen which is now in great demand due to the short supply while others undertake other humanitarian activities.

CRED and Paytm have unveiled measures to meet the demand for oxygen. CRED is working with Milaap to procure and distribute oxygen concentrators and asked its users to donate their loyalty points called CRED coins.

Paytm has announced a fundraising campaign to fight the shortage of oxygen through its philanthropic venture Paytm Foundation, which is raising Rs 10 crore to donate oxygen concentrators across the country.

There are many others within the startup ecosystem and also the digital commerce companies which are putting in their efforts to alleviate the suffering of people through this wave.

Edited by Kanishk Singh


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