All you need to know about India's COVID-19 vaccination drive

On May 1, India’s entire adult population, estimated at a staggering 842 million, will become eligible to take the COVID-19 vaccine. This will include those between the ages of 18 and 45 – the country’s largest age demographic.

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The vaccine rollout in India began in January 2021 in a phased manner, starting with frontline and healthcare workers to senior citizens with and without comorbidities.

Now, on May 1, India’s entire adult population, estimated at a staggering 842 million, will become eligible to take the COVID-19 vaccine. This will include those between the ages of 18 and 45 – the country’s largest age demographic. 

With the number of infections increasing rapidly, infrastructure stretched thin, and reports of shortages in the supply of the vaccine doing the rounds, what can one expect as the ‘world’s largest inoculation drive’ expands to every adult citizen? 

Raghavendra Prasad TS, Founder of Project StepOne, says that despite nearly four million vaccines being administered a day, the urgency of the situation requires that nearly three times that many doses need to be administered daily.

Project StepOne is a non-profit collective of over 7,000 doctors, which launched a National Covid Telemedicine Helpline, offering 24x7 access to healthcare experts free of cost.

With the initial vaccine hesitancy having come down because of the severity of the pandemic, Dr Harish Pillai, CEO of Aster India, Aster DM Healthcare, says that more people are coming forward and seeking vaccinations. 

From blood clots to infertility, and autism to body odour, the apprehensions range from seriously cautionary to comical.

The question now remains — Will the target of inoculating 250 million Indians be achieved by July 2021? 

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The Interview

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News & Updates

  • Amid the second COVID-19 wave, the US state of California will send life-saving oxygen supplies to India. Also, Singapore's two leading trade organisations have launched a new relief fund to support India in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“Of the millions of doses that have been administered, there are only single digits where people have needed instant emergency care. So, I think we just need to widen the scope and make it available at every pharmacy, every clinic, even go door to door. That’s the only way to do it,”

Dr Shuchin Bajaj, Founder-Director, Ujala-Cygnus Hospitals

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