This marketing lab wanted to set a strong business foundation in the US: here’s how helped make it a reality


When Abhishek Singla first founded Ziel Lab in 2019 in Bengaluru, he envisioned the boutique marketing lab to provide campaigns with a laser-like focus for startups and high-growth environments through inbound and outbound marketing.

Ziel Lab started its journey by becoming a Hubspot Partner and providing marketing automation services to SAAS businesses based in the US and Europe. It quickly gathered a strong reputation for itself by building and brainstorming on various complex marketing automation journeys for its clients, and setting up scalable customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

“Account-based marketing is our key offering where we ensure conversations for all those using our services. The implementation of data pipelines and analytics are the key to scalable marketing campaigns.... (we) work closely with marketing and product analytics to map the complete journey of a customer and utilise multi-channel campaigns to aid the process of conversion,” says Abhishek.

The lab has since gone on to service a wide array of industries, right from renewable energy, to blockchain, cryptocurrency, real estate and e-commerce.

Towards new growth opportunities

Mid-2020 onwards, Ziel Lab established itself as a brand with strong expertise in blockchain projects and it became a preferred partner for leading blockchain companies. “The talent pool that understands this industry well enough to market it is scarce. We are continuously searching for eligible candidates who would fit in the culture and get on board on our journey of hypergrowth,” says Abhishek.

Abhishek realised that the best way to meet Ziel Lab’s talent needs is to incorporate the business in the United States. There were other business advantages that he hoped to leverage for Ziel Lab’s growth — the ability to sell products or services and signing new contracts with US-based customers; a chance to accept payments online via Stripe or any other payment processor; the advantages of tax benefits available for foreign-owned companies in the US; working with a simplified bureaucracy; and building trust with future customers by doing business as a US-incorporated company.

How helped Ziel Lab incorporate in the US in just a few days

However, the process of incorporating an enterprise in a foreign country is a daunting task without adequate guidance. After comparing a few incorporation services, Abhishek decided to incorporate Ziel Lab in the US with the help of — a remote-first global company that is helping founders from all over the world to easily launch a US-based business and get access to what many refer to as the greatest startup ecosystem in the world.

After logging on to all-in-one platform, Abhishek was able to prepare his corporate documents in a matter of minutes. Incorporating Ziel Lab in the US and receiving all the necessary documents, tax registration, and bank account setup only took a few days. “The process of incorporation was smooth and done professionally. Our banks and contracts were set up through Ziel Lab Lab LLC Wyoming, and we are already working on hiring contractors in the US to fulfill our complex HR requirements,” he says.

Apart from meeting all the legal incorporation requirements, Ziel Lab also received over $20,000 in exclusive offers from blue-chip companies such as AWS, Brex, Gusto, G Suite, and more as part of the Network©.

With the daunting task of incorporating in the US behind him, Abhishek is setting his sights on new growth horizons and building the team that will help him reach there. “We would like to sell our services attached to our technology...It would ease the process of running integrated marketing campaigns from within one dashboard,” he says.

Like Ziel Lab, If you wish to incorporate your company in the US to avail special growth opportunities, get started with today.


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