How MoEngage used a global partnership to create valuable content during the pandemic

Top of The Funnel is a video series by Pepper Content featuring interviews on marketing leaders across industries with a focus on digital and content marketing. This week, Akshatha Kamath - Head Of Content at MoEngage Inc, talks about how MoEngage changed their B2B content strategy amid COVID-19.

In 2019, MoEngage decided to collaborate with international companies in the Mobile Marketing space to explore an expansion into the Western and European markets. A year later, they teamed up with Apptopia, a US-based mobile intelligence platform to create a global report.

But everything changed when the pandemic struck in March 2020.

Pepper Content’s Content Marketing Lead Natasha Puri sat down with Akshatha Kamath, Head of Content, MoEngage, to find out how they changed their content strategy during the lockdown, on their new show Top of the Funnel.

“We were in the middle of working with data points, but both companies shifted gears as they felt whatever they were creating was not making sense as things had changed entirely,” says Akshatha.

They scrapped the original plan and set out to create something they felt would add value to their customer base: a COVID-19 report for businesses to help them understand what was happening, what was the impact of the pandemic, and what to expect next. It worked well for them as the audience was looking for insights from credible sources.

They soon realised that the market was going to change again. So, they came up with an ebook that focused on topics like what to do if you've seen a slowdown, what to do if you're not impacted and if you've seen growth, and how do you handle it. They succeeded in terms of reach, with 40-50 percent of the downloads coming from the Western markets and EU.

“Another big win for us was that the report got featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and World Economic Forum,” Akshatha beams. 

Akshatha’s prolific career in content marketing started off with content writing, after which she spent a few years training herself to be a content marketer at Vizury, Simplilearn, and finally, at MoEngage. But this wasn’t always the plan. An engineering student, she always wanted to find a way to integrate her love for the written word into her profession. And technical content writing gave her that opportunity.

In a world of content overload, Akshatha feels the biggest challenge is to not get carried away by creating a lot of content, but to create high-quality content that has an impact. “It's important to realise that more content doesn't always mean success,” she adds.

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Edited by Kanishk Singh