Lenovo Managed Services help businesses manage their critical IT needs. Here’s how


According to a survey by Ivanti in 2019, 60 percent of IT professionals are missing key information in their IT asset management program, while one in five IT professionals don’t have insights into which assets are outdated. This knowledge and resource gap can be highly detrimental to business. But not if you use Lenovo Managed Services.

With Lenovo Managed Services, Lenovo’s service professionals remotely monitor and manage your PC fleet to enhance security and reliability, and help ensure maximum performance and stability.

It also helps businesses manage their business-critical IT needs with services that help them get more from your Microsoft 365 tools – improving productivity, collaboration, and security.

Some of the key features of Lenovo Managed Services include:

  • Lenovo Smart Fleet Services
  • Microsoft Modern Workplace
  • Lenovo Managed Services for SMB
  • Strategic IT outsourcing
  • ThinkShield and managed security
  • Smart Lockers Solution
  • Software

Here's how Lenovo Managed Services are helping businesses manage critical IT requirements and boost their security, performance and stability.

Lenovo Smart Fleet Services

Lenovo’s Smart Fleet Services are designed to help organisations gain control of their endpoint hardware and software, increase security and compliance, optimise the end-user experience, and automate routine manual tasks to free up IT time and resources, enabling them to focus on other tasks.

Microsoft Modern Workplace

Today’s workforce expects a flexible, agile workplace with technology and policies to support their unique work styles. Organisations that cannot adapt to engage and retain top talent risk decreased innovation, business relevance and ultimately — profitability.

Microsoft Modern Workplace is a comprehensive suite of lifecycle services built around Microsoft’s technology stack to enable productivity, collaboration, and security within the organisation.

Lenovo Managed Services for SMB

This is a suite of tools, each with varying levels of SMB support that is built to Microsoft specifications and delivered through Lenovo’s indirect model to channel partners. With this, SMBs can manage business-critical IT needs with services that help them get more from Microsoft 365 tools, thus improving productivity, collaboration, and security.

Lenovo Managed Services for SMB encompasses two unique offerings: Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Managed Services and endpoint managed services. These new service offerings cover the complete landscape of cloud-based managed services and will help businesses increase their productivity, enable more secure and seamless collaboration and help defend against business-critical security events.

CSP Managed Services include Microsoft Tenant Onboarding, Microsoft Cloud Migration, License Management, and Issue Resolution.

Strategic IT outsourcing

This service offers omni-channel support, a shared service helpdesk, onsite helpdesk and AI-augmented helpdesk, along with an all-in-one commence center. It also includes an AI-Augmented customer experience and field services

ThinkShield and managed security

This is a customisable solution that better secures critical data and business technologies with comprehensive end-to-end protection. ThinkShield solutions seamlessly integrate with Lenovo devices to improve customer user experience and operational efficacy while helping to minimise overall IT cost. With the rapid digital transformation of the workplace, ThinkShield keeps customers protected from the evolving threat landscape with advanced/next-gen security capabilities so that their risks and response times are reduced.

Smart Lockers Solution

Lenovo Smart Vending and Locker Solutions deliver the flexible and scalable IT experience that today’s workforce needs. With Lenovo Smart Vending machines, employees have immediate 24x7 access to the most sought-after IT hardware and accessories. All they need to do is select, tap, and complete the transaction. Lenovo Smart Locker Solutions let IT pick up and drop off equipment and parts on their own schedules — ideal for supplying provisioned devices, for new employees, loaners, repairs, and more. The status of every item in every machine, around the world, is at the customer’s fingertips.

Software solutions

Lenovo Managed Services’ software solutions offer:

  • Absolute: A cloud-based platform that gives IT and security professionals absolute awareness and control of devices, data, and applications — whether on or off the network or in the hands of an unauthorized user.
  • FileWave: A solution that offers complete client management capabilities for both macOS and Windows computers, along with mobile device management. By reducing the number of management tools, FileWave extends visibility, reduces complexity, enhances security, and enables end-user productivity.
  • Sentinel One: A core component of Lenovo's ThinkShield security offerings that empowers endpoints, workstations, servers, cloud workloads, and IoT devices to autonomously defend themselves in real-time.
  • Lenovo Device Intelligence: This cloud-based, AI-driven SaaS solution uses advanced predictive analytics and proactive device insights to monitor fleet’s performance and helps IT teams predict and prevent failures, get helpful, proactive insights, swiftly resolve issues, leverage self-learning technology and ensure sensitive business data stays secure.

Other software solutions by Lenovo include Lenovo Patch, WinMagic SecureDoc Enterprise,

BufferZone, Carbonite Endpoint Solution, Mobileiron, Lenovo Security Console powered by Coronet, and Google Chrome Management Console.

With continuous monitoring, scheduled health checks, recommended updates, capacity planning, and performance management, Lenovo Managed Services can bolster workforce productivity, drive innovation, and enhance business results.

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