How Dell is empowering MSMEs to stay competitive with technology solutions

Dell has been supporting MSMEs in its digitisation journey with its ever-evolving range of products. This is crucial as going forward, MSMEs would need to cater to consumers that are largely using online channels to meet their needs.

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), which form an important sector of India’s economic engine, were not exempt from dealing with the tremendous challenges that came from doing business in a post-pandemic world.

Through sheer resourcefulness and determination, a large number of MSMEs have been able to navigate past the challenges that come with disrupted supply chains, working remotely and optimising costs while improving efficiency.

To showcase the stellar achievements of such MSMEs and explore the new paths to growth, the MSME Week is being celebrated from June 18-27, 2021. Industry leaders, experts and important stakeholders are sharing their insights on a variety of topics: The major focus being on the role of technology solutions in solving some of the systemic challenges faced by MSMEs.

Dell has been supporting MSMEs in its digitisation journey with its ever-evolving range of products. This is crucial as going forward, MSMEs would need to cater to consumers that are largely using online channels to meet their needs.

And such a trend looks here to stay for the long-term. According to a Mckinsey survey of consumers who were making purchases online for the first time, close to 75 percent would continue to use digital even after things return to normal.

To satisfy the expectations of such consumers, and achieve long-term growth, it is necessary to securely operate with agility, efficiency and at optimal costs. Read on to know how Dell’s comprehensive set of devices, technology solutions and support from experts make it the ideal growth partner for MSMEs in an increasingly digital world.

A plethora of technology and hardware solutions that foster efficiency and agility

Dell’s range of laptops and devices have been designed keeping the varied requirements of its MSMEs in mind. The “always-on-the-go” executive who needs to work from anywhere can collaborate and delegate with the Latitude series of laptops and 2-in-1 devices, which double up both as laptops and tablets. These devices also come with 15 hour battery lives, facilitating uninterrupted and productive work a reality.

For those professionals that need more processing power to perform their role, Dell’s Precision Mobile Workstations feature optimised processors and graphics and expandable storage options.

According to IDC FutureScape, more than 70 percent of digitally-enabled SMBs will adopt hybrid models by the end of 2021, which entail both working remotely and on-site. Dell also offers a range of accessories to assist remote learning including monitors, headsets and cases to support MSMEs in a remote-work environment. This is the right time to make an investment as Dell is offering 10 percent cashback and upgradable warranties on devices.

Staying on top of security with the right solutions

While remote working has helped with powering business continuity, it has also extended the security perimeter beyond the boundaries of an office. The use of public networks to exchange data through the use of un-monitored devices leaves MSMEs prone to cyber attacks. According to a report published by Cyberpeace Foundation, 43 percent of all cyberattacks are targeted towards startups and small businesses.

Dell’s solutions can be leveraged to ensure the all-round security, monitoring and management of all IT infrastructure of MSMEs.These include:

• Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) which streamlines IT resources and management and enables remote teaching from any location, on any device with predictable performance and consistent governance.

• VMware Workspace ONE which provides trusted access for remote users and validates the state of the device, user, network and applications.

•Dell SafeData which encrypts your data and - using VMware Carbon Black and Secureworks - provides comprehensive threat management to prevent, detect and respond to attacks.

Supporting MSMEs across the entire product life cycle

In today’s business environment, cost optimisation is a cornerstone towards success. From deferring payments to reasonable payment plans and PCs as a service (PCaaS) model, Dell offers a variety of payment solutions that enable foster efficiency, agility and collaboration without delay.

Dependable, fast technical support is also critical to ensure efficiency and cost optimisation. Through Dell ProSupport, engineers and IT experts provide 24x7 support, proactive responses to critical issues, and even same or next business day onsite repair after remote diagnosis

MSMEs can also get complete lifecycle management covering everything from factory-loaded applications, delivery to work locations, easy deployment and management to collection of devices at the end of their life, the compliant wiping of data and responsible recycling.

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