How Dell is powering business continuity and growth for MSMEs


As significant growth accelerators of the Indian economy, the MSME (micro, small & medium enterprises) sector contributes about 30 percent to the country’s GDP and provides livelihood to about 11 crore people. Since 2020, uncertainty has been looming over MSMEs, with months of lockdowns, shops shutting down, reduced demand for orders, establishing pay cuts, cash flow shortages and impact on their labour force. But most importantly, the uncertainty of when things will get back to normal is what is most challenging for small businesses.

Some learnt to pivot, while others learnt to be frugal, but the priority today remains the same for all of them - to invest in business continuity and formulate a plan at the grassroots level that will ensure a safer journey to survive rougher days ahead.

Technology: The unsung hero of business continuity

Today MSMEs can't run their businesses the way they were doing earlier. Having a business continuity plan (BCP) in place helps them navigate crises effectively. Furthermore, it helps leaders get more clarity on how to minimise financial losses, serve all stakeholders, mitigate operational disruption, maintain their operations under different crises, and outline short-term and long-term action plans.

In an increasingly digital world, technology is key for business continuity which can help improve information flow, enhance data security, enable remote collaboration, and generate critical insights and analytics about the company's health.

Millions of small businesses owners had to re-evaluate their technology infrastructure when the pandemic hit, and many realised that they weren't well prepared to adjust course to ensure business continuity. Now, enterprises are rethinking their technology, data and cloud infrastructure as they gear to future-proof their businesses.

Safeguard your small business with Dell

Dell — counted one among the global tech giants — still understands the challenges faced by small businesses and is heavily invested in supporting and helping them grow. With a broad portfolio of solutions designed to help you be productive, some of its top devices include XPS 15, OptiPlex3070 Small Form Factor, Dell Precision 5540, Dell 24 USB-C Monitor - P2419HC, Latitude 5500, and PowerEdge T440 Tower Server.

Over three years ago, Dell had launched an initiative called 'Small Business Month’ (SB Month), which takes place in September every year. In the current environment, it takes on even more significance, as the initiative offers incentives for worst-hit MSMEs to retool and upgrade laptops and PCs that will help them get back on the road to recovery. It also provides recommendations on data backup and security, financing, and the latest tech products and optimised software to boost productivity.

Recently, the company also launched an array of redesigned Inspiron models that enable you to work, learn and collaborate from anywhere. If you're a small business looking to upgrade your technology, Dell has a portfolio of dedicated support and personalised solutions based on your business needs. As a special gesture, Dell also has a limited-time of 10 percent cashback on its headset, warranty upgrade and several other accessories. Know more here.


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