How TREAD’s smart fitness bike promises fitness at home during the pandemic

In a recent conversation with YourStory’s Daily Dispatch, Dinesh Godara, Founder and CEO, TREAD, shares insights about acquiring TREAD and discusses about the company’s plans and upcoming innovative products.

Bengaluru-based connected fitness company, TREAD, which was recently acquired by launched its smart fitness bike for pre-orders earlier this month, starting with an investment of $10 million. The company plans to ramp up the investment figure in the future as per requirement, shared Dinesh Godara, Founder and CEO, TREAD, in a recent conversation with YourStory’s Daily Dispatch.

Speaking about TREAD’s flagship product, the smart fitness bike, Dinesh explained that it is essentially a cardio machine which enables fitness enthusiasts to carry out strength workouts as well. With having more than 250 centers across the country, Dinesh believes TREAD stands to reach a wider audience.

Additionally,’s prominent brand name is also believed to help TREAD grow in the ecosystem.

According to Dinesh, TREAD will work as an independent organisation even while being a part of, with the company’s focus on the innovation of new home fitness products. TREAD is currently also working on several other fitness products, to be launched in September - October 2021. These products, compact in design, will predominantly be machines that can enable over 100 different workouts at home, and will be useful for strength building as well, said Dinesh.  The smart fitness bikes are available for pre-order on the TREAD website. The company is expected to start delivering the bikes from July to those who have already placed pre-orders.

“Our plan is to reach 50,000 customers by next year,” said Dinesh.

The bikes come with a 22-inch big screen so customers can see their progress in real-time, said Dinesh.

The bikes, priced at Rs 59,900 in the market, comes with a yearly content membership for customers, priced additionally at Rs 6000 per year. The company also plans on providing their early customers with free content membership for the first year, said Dinesh.

Edited by Anju Narayanan


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