AWS StartUP Webinar: Leveraging AI/ML to mine key insights from medical data


Although medical science is improving in leaps and bounds, the healthcare systems and workforce are struggling to keep up with the growing demands and complex needs of patients. Additionally, digital healthcare, telemedicine and virtual doctor consultations have become the new normal. This is leading forward-thinking healthcare entities to look for effective ways to extract value from medical data, accelerate productivity and personalise the patient’s experience.

Fortunately, technological advancements and innovations are playing pivotal roles in finding effective solutions during the pandemic. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) solutions, in particular, are seen as transformative technologies, when it comes to healthcare.

Addressing healthcare needs with AI/ML solutions

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the global economy could create 40 million new health-sector jobs by 2030. But it also estimates a projected shortfall of 9.9 million healthcare professionals over the same period. While healthcare entities need to attract and train more professionals, the need of the hour is effective technological solutions to bridge the gap. This is what makes AWS’ AI/ML services and solutions so relevant. They can impact everything from diagnostics, to care delivery, medical documentation analysis to intuitive communication with patients. The possibilities are vast, and exciting.

In an effort to showcase how AWS’ AI/ ML services can garner valuable insights from patient data and drive patient outcomes, YourStory is hosting the StartUP Webinar series, in association with AWS, on August 5 and 6. Click here to register.

What to expect

The second StartUp Webinar session – ‘Applying AI and ML to Healthcare data – diving deep into 4 use cases’ will take place on August 6, 2021 at 11:00 AM. The session will deep-dive into four use cases, where AI/ML services and solutions can be utilised. The session will also feature a few practical, end-to-end live demos, where attendees will be taken through the implementation of use cases, such as:

Medical image analysis: Establishing how AI can assist radiologists and pathologists in improving their productivity and accuracy (detection, discovery and diagnosis of conditions).

Extracting insights from medical documents: Leveraging tools like Amazon Comprehend (Natural Language Processing) to mine relevant insights from medical/ patient data.

Building conversational agents specific to healthcare: Embedding clinical and operational protocols into interactive agents and deploying the AWS chatbot.

Personalisation of consumer experience: Utilising AWS services to personalise consumer touchpoints like teleconsultation, SMS/ email engagement and outreach through contact centres.

The featured speakers – Kousik Rajendran, Solutions Architect, Healthcare and Life Sciences Specialist, AISPL and Arun Kumar Lokanatha, AI/ML Specialist Solutions Architect, AISPL – will conduct the live demos and discuss how AWS solutions can unlock the potential of medical data, accelerate innovation, make data-driven medical decisions, and develop customised approaches to healthcare.

If you are a healthcare startup or a healthcare entity, this webinar will speak to you. Click here to register.


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