‘The future of work is flexible, distributed, and agile’ – 40 quotes on digital transformation

From digital change to Digital India, these quotes from the week of July 19-25 capture tech impacts sweeping across the world.

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Hybrid cloud enables you to wrap up proof of concept planning or prototyping within a few days, unlike months earlier. - Mahesh Vandi Chalil, BookMyShow

You cannot meet the requirements for speed, scale and adaptability if you don’t have flexible architecture. - Mitesh Agarwal, Google Cloud India

Technical computing is stuck in a rut today. Data scientists and engineers are using products that were designed many decades ago. - Viral Shah, Julia Computing

Cybersecurity is now at the top of the agenda for businesses and governments, who need to be able to trust that they are protected against increasing levels of attack. - Philip Jansen, BT

Cybersecurity career will only continue to grow and it’s important to stay motivated, stay educated, and stay secure. - Savitha K R, Colortokens

EV is the future of city logistics. - Mayank Chaurasia, VegEase

Social commerce is expected to be a $50-60 billion market in the next seven to eight years. - Pulkit Agrawal, Trel

A smooth delivery function doesn’t only allow companies a hassle-free product delivery, but also gain the trust of customers – this grows over a period of time organically. - Avinash Raghav, Shift Freight

Fresh produce is a 35-40 percent gross margin category. However, it is the wastage that kills those margins. - Varun Khurana, Otipy

In the centralised, Web 2.0 world, you have Google, Apple, and Stripe, and the benchmarks they set in the industry. In the new and decentralised world of blockchain, there is no such benchmark. - Aniket Jindal, Biconomy

Edtech did not just fill in for the missing physical education infrastructure, but it also widened the scope for working professionals. - Piyush Bhartiya, AdmitKard Edtech

Creators have always thought out of the box, and now, with edtech platforms, they can easily be connected to consumers of knowledge, so everyone has the chance to learn something that they could not earlier. - P Jayakumar, Toonz Media Group

Cutting-edge LMS platforms come with gamification features that enable teachers to make learning more fun and engaging. - Prem Das Maheshwari, D2L Asia

There is no need to get into a trend; don't do edtech just because it is a hot sector. - Krishna Kumar, Simplilearn

Lenders lose about a third of their time to routine tasks like filling out paperwork or following up with customers after calls. - Shantanu Gangal, Prodigal

In the last 16 months, MSMEs have started to show rapid growth with their adoption of digital. And this has created an opportunity for significant disruptions in the lending sector. - Pradeep Rathnam, TERA Finlabs

With access to ever-growing investment products and information, everyone — even people with lower disposable income — will start investing. However, investing is still a complex and confusing process, with a steep learning curve. - Gopikrishnan Mohan, Flow Club

Cloud and intelligence-enabled technology will fundamentally transform healthcare delivery in India. - Pranav Pai, 3one4 Capital

A medically-aware deeptech platform for health care engagement can lead to better health outcomes. - Vikalp Sahni, Eka.Care

If the content isn’t right, the channel can’t do anything to hide the mediocrity. - Sunder Madakshira, Adobe Systems

Micro-influencers have shown overwhelming conversions, thus motivating brands to increase their spending on influencer marketing rather than traditional marketing. - Vipul Talwar, Voxxy

In addition to doctors and engineers, there is a need for other professionals to build an upgraded society. They should always support the dreams and passions of their children. - Sheikh Asif, Thames Infotech

Digitisation has provided an impetus to the start-up ecosystem in India. - Amitabh Kant, Niti Aayog

The lack of a censorship board for digital content in India has fuelled innovation, and the scope of creativity has widened to a great extent. - Narendra Firodia, Letsflix

We believe the influencer marketing industry is estimated to be worth Rs 1100 crore but is largely unorganised and fragmented. - Kanishk Kanakia, Opportune

NFT market-related transactions are soaring to new heights every day and given our relationship with art, culture, and emotion, India can be the epicentre of the NFT uprising. - Toshendra Sharma, NFTically

Findings reveal that compared to the rest of the world, consumers in India are more likely to be targeted, less inclined to ignore scam interactions, and as a result, lose more money. - Mary Jo Schrade, Microsoft

As India moves towards carbon neutrality and mass adoption of EV and ESS (energy storage system), it is crucial to become an energy-independent nation. - Mahesh Godi, GODI Energy

Ayurveda has been vulnerable to the problem of substandard medicines and very low digital adoption. - Ram N Kumar, NirogStreet

With 75 percent of India's healthcare infrastructure based in urban areas, there is a significant unmet need for women's healthcare. - Bipin Shah, Titan Capital

The fresh fish and seafood market in India is characterised by a huge supply-demand mismatch, varied quality standards, fragmented channels, and numerous other issues. - Barath Shankar Subramanian, Accel

The scope of food delivery in India is massive. - Sriharsha Majety, Swiggy

The roots of underemployment in our country are deep. One way to address this is to make upskilling affordable and outcome-focused for the millions in India’s workforce. - Surya Mantha, Unitus Ventures

Around 100 million students from middle- and lower-income families, especially from Tier-II and Tier-III cities are seeking upskilling and cross-skilling opportunities. - Pradeep K Jaisingh, IAN

India is at the cusp of a D2C revolution with estimated market size of $200 billion in the next five years. Indian brands have shown great promise in recent years. - Vikas Agnihotri, SoftBank Investment Advisers

India's supply chain and logistics industry is moving from paper and pencil to digital. - Arjun Sethi, Tribe Capital

In 2004, the Indian Railways started with online ticketing, but the system was crashing at just 6,000 tickets a day. Now, it has the capacity to handle more than 2 million tickets per day. - Nagendra Kumar Raja, TejaSoft Innovations

Events from 2020 have emphasised the importance of developing equitable, sustainable, and scalable businesses, with a people-centric approach. - Ravi Chhabria, NetApp India

Don’t be afraid or shy to ask your worth. - Ankiti Bose, Zilingo

A video first approach and scientific assessment models will result in faster and more accurate hiring decisions. - Anjali Bansal, Avaana Capital

HRtech is fast evolving as a preferred sector of focus given the need to automate and build efficiencies amidst high volume and lower budgets. - Anas Rahman Junaid, Hurun India

Businesses spend significant resources annually on their contact centres, but still struggle to deliver a seamless experience for their customers. - Rowan Trollope, Five9

The future of work is flexible, distributed, and agile, yet many companies have retained traditional methods of managing employee performance and engagement. - Gaurav Chaubey, Mesh

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