Cross-border trade: Scale your business with the next big thing in the market


E-commerce has transformed the way business is done in India. As the pandemic has further accelerated the growth of this market, the need for brands to expand globally and create a niche for themselves in newer markets is also evident. As a result, cross-border e-commerce is slowly becoming the next big thing.

More and more entrepreneurs are realizing that it generates higher revenue and better opportunities. It opens up a new world of customers and demands. Statistics show that cross-border commerce's growth will be twice as fast as worldwide domestic e-commerce. The sector is estimated to reach $630 billion at a CAGR of 17.3 percent by 2022, as per Forrester Research.

Today, most industry bigwigs are adopting the model, and while MSMEs are realising the advantages, several concerns exist when it comes to cross-border trade.

Understanding cross-border trade to expand globally

The sector, while lucrative, comes with its own share of challenges. The paperwork, the global payment structures, and how to choose the right product to sell are just some of the various factors that cause hesitation. But that's exactly what Shyplite Surge aims to resolve on the second day of the event.

Shyplite Surge, Shyplite's first-ever mega virtual event, in association with YourStory, to be held from August 19-21, dedicates its second day to understanding cross-border trade as the next big thing. Industry leaders related to the cross-border and supply chain ecosystem will share their strategies and goals through a series of sessions.

What to expect on Day 2

The global e-commerce landscape has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year. The second day of the event, set to take place on August 20 from 3 pm, will give attendees a macro and micro view of the current ecosystem, their challenges and barriers and tips to help businesses grow from local to global.

The session will highlight:

  1. Cross-border, the next big thing: The keynote session by Abhijit Kamra, Director, Global Trade at Amazon India will give attendees an overview of the unprecedented rise that cross-border trade is currently seeing and how businesses that leverage this opportunity.
  2. Panel discussion on the current global ecosystem: Industry experts will come together to share their inputs and strategies to make the most of the current market scenario. This discussion will see them answer some common questions to help you understand cross-border trade a lot better.
  3. Masterclass and AMA: While cross-border trade is an exciting start, it may not be easy. This masterclass will try to simplify the process, the documentation and paperwork that comes with it. The masterclass will be followed by an AMA session that will let entrepreneurs get answers to their questions.

Speaker lineup: Navin Mistry, Director, Paypal; Nisschal Jain, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Shyplite; Mohit Gopal, Senior Vice President, PayU; Punit Gupta, Founder and CEO, Easyecom; Tabby Singh, Founder, Voganow; Dibyendu Ganguly, Sr EVP and Business Head, Shypmax and Abhijit Kamra, Director, Global Trade, Amazon India.


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