Applications now open for Tech30 2021, a list of 30 most promising startups from India

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Every year, India’s largest tech and startup summit TechSparks features Tech30 -- a list of 30 most promising early-stage tech startups. Apply now to stand a chance of being among a select group of most disruptive startups from India in 2021 and get access to funding, investors, mentorship and more.

TechSparks 2021, one of the most awaited events in the global startup and the tech ecosystem, is scheduled to go live in October 25-30, 2021, during which it will bring together the best minds in the tech and startup ecosystem to unravel and enable what's next as they leverage technology to rethink the future.

Every year, one of the most exciting and keenly watched events at TechSparks is unveiling of YourStory’s annual Tech30 startups list, a specially curated list of India’s 30 most high-potential and disruptive early-stage tech startups. 

If you're an early-stage startup, you can apply now by filling this survey to stand a chance of being recognised as a Tech30 company.

The deadline to apply for Tech30 2021 is August 15, 2021. Fill the application here.

Why Tech30?

Over the past ten years, the 300 startups that were showcased in Tech30 have gone on to transform their growth trajectories, raising growth capital of more than $2 billion, cumulatively, and creating more than 31, 000+ jobs.

The Tech30 alumni includes a stellar list of disruptive startups that have gone on to redefine the categories they operate in and emerge as leaders in their space.

They include SaaS startups Freshworks and Capillary Tech, which are both poised to IPO, as well as unicorns like InnovAccer and Chargebee, among other disruptive startups like Niramai, Loginext, MadStreetDen, DronaMaps, Hasura, and Pixxel, among others.

Over the past decade, at least 38 Tech30 startups, or over 13 percent of the total 300 Tech30 startups, have seen successful exits, while 108, or more than one-third of them, have expanded globally.

Indeed, with more then 430 investors backing the Tech30 startups, these companies have gone on to create significant value, with their cumulative valuation at at least $7 billion.

In 2020, an encouraging trend we saw was that the majority of the Tech30 startups were born amidst a pandemic, proof that crises fuel innovation. Tech30 2020 also highlighted how startups were heeding the call to be vocal for local.

You can apply now to be a part of Tech30 2021. The deadline to apply for Tech30 2021 is August 15, 2021. Fill the application here.

Tech30 2021: What to expect?

As a Tech30 startup, YourStory will be proud to host you at TechSparks 2021 and present your startup before a global audience of esteemed entrepreneurs, mentors, industry experts, and investors.

As a Tech30 startup, you will also get a chance to pitch live to select group of investors during TechSparks, as well as stand a chance to win funding from marquee investors.

In addition, Tech30 startups get media visibility with full feature coverage on the YourStory platform and in the YourStory Tech30 report. The platform, both on TechSparks and on main YourStory, acts as a catalyst for creating growth opportunities for the Tech30 startups and helps them showcase their tech-first innovative solutions to the ecosystem.

Indeed, the exposure that Tech30 startups receive at TechSparks is unrivalled, including live presentations to a global audience of 100K+ attendees as well as one-on-one meetings, ecosystem connections, and partnership opportunities. 

The selected Tech30 startups will get:

  • To be part of an exclusive club of 30 most promising Indian startups and be identified as a 'Tech30 startup'
  • A chance to showcase your startup and solution at YourStory’s flagship annual TechSparks 2021 summit
  • Access to investors and funding, including one-on-one meetings
  • Access to exclusive startup deals and offers
  • Opportunity to pitch to investors live for a funding of upto Rs 50 lakh
  • Startup listing on YourStory Profiles
  • Access to YourStory Connect solutions for leads for business partnerships, funding, sales, etc
  • 3 minute video of each Tech30 startup to be promoted on YourStory Profiles and social media distribution channel
  • Detailed profiling of Tech30 startups on YourStory platforms
  • Coverage in YourStory's annual Tech30 report
  • Opportunity to be a part of billion dollar club comprising startups like Freshworks, ChargeBee, Innovaccer, among others
  • 300+ alumni startups’ founders to learn, network and get mentorship from
  • Access to YourStory Education certificate courses and learn programs
  • Annual YourStory Club membership

Key points considered for evaluation

  • Extent of product innovation of startups, both in terms of product utilisation and defensibility
  • Market potential
  • Differentiation created
  • Solving critical problem for masses
  • Technology adoption
  • Founder bio
  • Investor backing

The deadline to apply for Tech30 2021 is August 15, 2021. Fill the application here.

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