How UpsideLMS’ AI-driven learning platform is a game-changer for employee skilling in India


Once a learner, always a learner, they say. As companies try to keep up with a rapidly changing business landscape to gain a competitive advantage, upskilling and reskilling can be an important part of professional development.

Staying updated and learning new skills empowers professionals to keep up with the times and play a more active role in an organisation’s growth. Such skills hold even more importance with the way global events like the COVID-19 pandemic are shaping organisational cultures.

More and more companies are gravitating towards automation and digital solutions that are leveraging emerging technologies like artificial intelligence. The automation helps companies offer learning content digitally without depending on in-person training. AI-backed solutions also help in tailoring courses to suit the needs of respective users by harnessing data-driven insights.

In the wake of such paradigm shifts, Learning Management Systems (LMS) like UpsideLMS are drawing a lot of attention with the way they can educate teams and help them learn new skills to amp up their productivity, irrespective of their locations.

From sales enablement and talent management to enterprise and compliance training, the multi-device learning management system empowers companies with cutting-edge LearnTech solutions that feature an engaging mix of must-have functionalities, ranging from blended learning, competency management, content authoring, mobile apps, and a host of other integrations that make UpsideLMS a one-stop-shop for employee training.

Enabling growth with engaging lessons

What stands out about the SaaS platform is its AI-led recommendation engine which captures user interests and recommends relevant courses, while also gathering actionable insights for further assessment. With more than 175 clients worldwide and a 2.5 million strong learning community, UpsideLMS’ user-centric solutions ensure an enriching learning journey for companies and their employees.

UpsideLMS’ focus on AI is in tandem with how the technology has been making inroads into the LearnTech space globally. As per a PwC survey that mapped the benefits that companies are expecting from their AI investments, 44 percent of the executives cited the ability to operate more efficiently, while 42 percent said they were looking forward to an increase in productivity.

Here’s a look at the features of UpsideLMS that are harnessing the power of innovation to drive impact:

Gamification: The learning management system features a gamification-based module that motivates employees by infusing some healthy competition and pushing them to reach their development goals faster. Apart from bragging rights, employees can also look forward to badges as a reward for completing courses. On the other hand, employers can also track their employees’ performance on the leaderboard

Mobile learning: The pandemic might have forced people to stay at home, but that doesn’t mean one stops learning. With UpsideLMS, one can learn even remotely with its offline learning module and downloading resources on a device. Even if you are switching between devices like tablets and mobile phones, the app lets you continue from where you last left.

AI-powered recommendation engine: One of the key advantages of UpsideLMS is its user experience. An intuitive interface makes it very easy to navigate through the platform. It’s easily accessible, and the user can view all in-use and accessed content on one page. The recommendation engine suggests productive modules that suit the profile of a user. Its powerful algorithm lets companies collect data about the skill level of their employees, their learning behaviours and interests, to further design training interventions

Social learning: The online training platform also comes with an informal learning module that lets users learn from each other through social interactions and knowledge collaboration tools. Employees get to form communities of like-minded learners and interact with each other via the discussion boards. Meanwhile, companies track trending topics that are relevant to their industry and customise their learning approaches in accordance.

Talent development: With UpsideLMS, employers can assess the impact their learning tools are driving for their employees through analytics and change strategies accordingly to bridge skill gaps. If they want, they can also design customised online training courses for a more targeted approach. Such continuous support via digital tools can help enterprises retain top talent and do away any dissatisfaction they might be feeling.

Bridging skill gaps for a future-ready workforce

A learning management system can certainly bridge the skills gaps in an organisation, while also imbibing a continuous learning culture that lets businesses scale-up and stay relevant and competitive in today’s fast changing business world. As the pandemic changes the world around us, AI-driven learning management systems can be the missing puzzle piece that employers need to ensure a future-ready workforce.

Speaking about how the AI-powered UpsideLMS is the go-to solution for organisations, UpsideLMS CEO and Director, Amit Gautam, said, Given today’s business environment, I am most certain that more and more organisations are realising the need for employee upskilling and reskilling. While choosing the right tools and solutions for employee training might be tricky, it is imperative to make an informed decision on a tool that is cost-effective and satisfies all your training requirements and also lets you scale as your business grows. That’s UpsideLMS for you.”

Curious about how an AI-driven learning management system can help your team upskill and become future-ready? Click here to visit the UpsideLMS website.


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