How Amity is helping thousands of professionals upskill from the comfort of their home


If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that change truly is the only constant. As the business landscape changed, companies began to look for smarter solutions to get back on their feet. While data analytics has been on the rise since the past decade, the pandemic made it a necessity in most organisations. From generating valuable insights about the industry to paving the path ahead, it helped many businesses re-evaluate and work on being future-ready.

Besides businesses, employees and professionals too needed to rework on their strategies. As per 75 percent Internet of Things (IoT) providers, data analysts are in high demand and over 68 percent are struggling to find employees with that expertise. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the need for business analysts will increase by 14 percent in 2024.

Employees who understand the patterns, correlations and connections within data and know how to gather insights from those are considered assets. But the major challenge for employees who recognised the gap and wanted to upskill was the lack of time. And the pandemic, coupled with some well-designed courses, turned out to be a favourable opportunity to up their game.

Climbing up the ranks

58-year-old Sandeep Mohindra, working as the head of operations in a transport company in Nigeria, utilised the lockdown as an opportunity to upskill. After being stuck at home in India, thousands of miles away from his workplace, he decided to enroll in Amity University’s online MBA course.

Speaking of the decision, he says, “Since I can handle the accounts and finance department very well, the scope of work in my organisation is very large. We have a staff of over 500 local employees and 10 expatriates, so I decided to take up the MBA in HR Management course last year and utilise my idle time.”

But Sandeep isn’t the only one. Many early and mid-level professionals have realised the need for upskilling to carry out satisfactory career development in fields like business analytics and big data, while continuing their full-time job.

In this regard, Amity University’s online MBA courses — MBA with specialisations in HR Analytics, Business Analytics and Data Science — are relevant for those looking for a career in leveraging big data and data analytics, to deliver better solutions and improve the performance of internal functions in a variety of fields, right from marketing to finance. Another advantage - apart from the in-depth knowledge students gain - is the trust factor associated with Amity.

Counted as one of India’s leading private education groups, Amity is ranked amongst the top three percent of universities globally.

Learning data analytics

Amity’s analytics programmes are taught by the most influential industry leaders and world-class faculty. With India’s first UGC-approved online degree, the university designs courses as per a choice-based credit system, personalising it for students.

Over the course of the seminar, students get a glimpse into the actual field through case studies and projects. To make education at home easier, Amity has tried to bridge the gap by sending course supplies to students.

“Amity has done a fine job by putting up videos and sending hard books,” Sandeep says.

On completion of the MBA in HR Analytics programme, he will receive a certificate from Cornell University's Online Learning Unit- eCornell. This specialisation helps students gain hands-on experience, working and analysing HR data and take strategic decisions using predictive analytics in HR.

The Data Science course teaches students how to turn data into key business insights and develop adeptness in all related tools and technologies that are in demand in the industry. Alongside leveraging students’ predictive accuracy, the course also teaches a wide range of modern statistical tools and software packages like R, Python, Spark, Excel, MySQL, Hadoop and many more.

The Business Analytics course, one of the most highly rated programmes, comes with an Ivy League certificate from Harvard Business School Online. The course uses Harvard Business Publishing's simulations on real-world scenarios and helps learners develop highly marketable skills to use leading statistical methods and data visualisation tools for managing dynamic data.

Move ahead in your career, from home

One of the reasons why more and more working professionals are exploring Amity’s courses is due to their flexibility. It offers students freedom to take exams anywhere, as well as the choice to take semester breaks.

A course for everyone

An important deciding factor for many students was the fees. They found the course affordable, with benefits of 0 percent EMI and no credit card.

Another factor that helped so many gain from the courses is the eligibility criteria. Applicants who want to enroll just need to have a graduation degree and adequate knowledge of English.

Once the course is over, Amity offers students career support by hosting virtual job fairs with over 100 hiring partners. These placements will ensure that students get the opportunity to work in their dream companies, effectively helping them achieve their career milestones, right from home.

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