Axis Balanced Advantage Fund: A trusted old methodology with crisis-proof capabilities


If you’re an avid investor, chances are you have funds parked in a mutual funds scheme. Easy to invest in, good return expectations, and a less risky bet than pure equity investing, these are just some of the benefits that make mutual funds an attractive investment category.

Depending on one’s needs and risk profile, there are different kinds of mutual fund schemes available for investors. That being said, there are few schemes that balance both equity and debt options as well as a balanced advantage fund.

Balanced advantage funds are a sub-category of hybrid mutual funds, which follow a dynamic asset allocation. These funds invest in a mix of equity and fixed income instruments depending on the in-house models that they run. They enable the investor to diversify a portfolio, weather market volatility, and limit losses when the market is trading in the red.

Given these benefits, it is not surprising to see fund houses like Axis Mutual Fund exploring this category. The fund house’s latest offering, the Axis Balanced Advantage Fund, is a remodeled avatar and repositioning of its Axis Dynamic Equity Fund.

The new scheme aims to give investors a product for capital appreciation and generating income over the long term. The fund decides equity exposure based on an in house proprietary methodology which takes into account market valuations and market trend. The fund intends to allocate majorly towards Large cap names and the current Large cap exposure is around 85% with the balance being towards Mid and Small cap stocks.

In an engaging chat with YourStory, Anupam Tiwari, Equity Fund Manager, Axis Mutual Fund deep-dived into why balanced advantage funds are worth the hype and what investors can expect from the Axis Balanced Advantage Fund.

Here are a few key takeaways from the article:

New fund corrects shortcomings of the old one

Anupam said that when the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020 and the markets were extremely volatile, the Axis MF team noticed a few shortcomings in the model of Axis Dynamic Equity Fund. "There was a mismatch between what the model could do and what the new business landscape demanded. Even in its new avatar, the core philosophy and parameters of the fund remain the same. In other words, the inputs remain the same, but the way they function has changed. This way, the fund could yield optimal returns even during abnormal circumstances like lockdowns," he said.

Rookie or seasoned investor, a fund to serve all

If the 'one size fits all' approach has any takers, it would be the Axis Balanced Advantage Fund. The new mutual fund scheme serves the interests of both amateur and experienced investors. Anupam described the fund as a perfect offering for investors who are wary of market volatility, but still wanted to invest in equity.

"It is for both seasoned and rookie investors. All investors want to keep a certain part of their savings in a low volatility option. The Axis Balanced Advantage Fund caters to all investor profiles, be it someone who is young and doesn't have a lot of savings or a seasoned investor who has been investing for the past 15-20 years."

Combining fund manager's expertise with an algorithm approach

Anupam talked extensively about how the fund combines a fund manager’s acumen with a model-driven approach to ensure optimal equity allocation and remove any selection bias. He said, “The fund house does not involve any manual intervention while deciding on how much equity should be invested in.”

The algorithm takes into account three parameters to decide on equity allocation — trailing price to earnings ratio, market volatility and a stock trend indicator to show whether the market is positively biased or not.

"We run the data collected over the last 15-20 years through a regression model and optimize equity allocation and risk. We then use the indicative equity allocation to establish the quantity of equity that will be invested at each level of the three parameters. As there is no manual intervention and hence it's completely unbiased," explained Anupam.

* Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them

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