How Evergrande crisis will impact India

But the looming Evergrande crisis has many implications for the Indian startup ecosystem as well, given the interconnected nature of economies and markets.

A new housing crisis unfolding in China is reminding many investors of the 2008 Financial Crisis. Evergrande is one of the world' most indebted real estate developers struggling to meet $300 billion of repayments to lenders.

But the looming Evergrande crisis has many implications for the Indian startup ecosystem as well, given the interconnected nature of economies and markets. 

Kumarpal Jain, Assistant Vice President, Finisto, a wealth-management platform, tells YourStory

"A severe deceleration in that industry, or worse, a debt explosion, could clobber the Chinese economy negatively and impact the rest of the world, particularly Asia."

However, the crisis opens a window of opportunity for India as well. India provides investors with an attractive alternative as it is the other emerging economy with growth characteristics similar to those in China.

"There is a very strong optimism in India, and it has never been like this before. India has become a trusted destination for foreign money. This is also another reason why there are so many unicorns in the market," Sreedhar Prasad, Advisor, Analyst, ex-KPMG, and ex-Kalaari Capital, said.

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