Inner journeys that make a person with Bala Srinivasa: A podcast you never knew you needed

Investor Bala Srinivasa, in association with boutique podcast production agency Design Your Thinking Labs, brings Inner Reel, a weekly podcast featuring business and startup leaders, change makers, and folks from all walks of life in conversations like never heard before.

Everyone loves a winner and those who seem to have achieved success. But what’s their inside story of how they overcame their darkest moments and found confidence to believe in themselves?   

We’ll find out in a new podcast series Inner Reel by investor, startup executive and former Wall Street analyst Bala Srinivasa, who talks to leaders on their inner journeys and “how they deal with issues of self-worth, tap into their unique strengths, learn to manage external criticism and overall find happiness from within.” 

The guests

Bala’s guests include noteworthy individuals such as : 

  • Harsha Bhogle, Cricket commentator and journalist
  • Shradha Sharma, Founder and CEO, YourStory Media 
  • Capt Raghu Raman, Military, startup veteran 
  • Nithin Kamath, Founder and CEO, Zerodha
  • Santosh Desai, Ad professional 
  • Samina Bano, Founder and CEO, Rightwalk Foundation
  • Neelam Chhiber, Social entrepreneur  
The startup ecosystem views success as a binary outcome that is measured in funding and unicorn status. This magnifies the pressure on young individuals with often the wrong lessons on what truly counts as success, says Bala. 

His interactions over the years has given him a view into overhyped perceptions of startup success as well as the unspoken world of internal struggles, mental health issues, broken relationships, and the challenges in maintaining self confidence in a pressure cooker environment.  

In his first episode, Bala talks to Harsha Bhogle, popularly known as the voice of Indian cricket, whose quick wit and insightful conversations has always made one sit tight and listen in. Harsha talks candidly about his own struggles with self-esteem, how he has learnt to deal with criticism, found a safe haven outside work and his approach to coping with the changing times. 


For a quick peek into the first episode, releasing this Wednesday, October 6th, click here.

New episodes of Inner Reel with Bala Srinivasa will be available every week here.

Edited by Anju Narayanan


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