NVIDIA GTC, the global AI conference, to showcase the latest trends and innovations in AI, robotics, graphics and more


AI has a profound impact on every industry. Driving emerging technologies like robotics, and big data. IoT, along with AI, is making a space for itself on our smart devices - guiding our cars, impacting our healthcare outcomes, and reshaping what apps can do. So, is it any wonder that many startups have embraced the necessity of AI and begun to scale their AI efforts? According to a Forrester Research report, ‘Make AI Your Silver Lining in 2021,’ AI adoption grew by 15 percent in 2020, and is poised to grow exponentially with 35 percent of companies heavily investing in workplace AI. One in four of these companies will stretch AI to new frontiers.

Developers in India have also stepped up to the plate with over 4,000 AI patents filed in the last decade, based on a NASSCOM study. The future of AI is bright in India, which makes the NVIDIA GTC, scheduled from November 8-11, an incredibly relevant conference to attend for cutting-edge AI startups. Endeavours such as NVIDIA’s Inception Program and their Deep Learning Institute also guide startups to innovate with AI.

NVIDIA pioneered accelerated computing to take on the challenges that an ordinary computer could not handle. As NVIDIA says, “We make computers for the da Vincis and Einsteins of our time so that they can see and create the future.”

NVIDIA Inception: Guiding, nurturing, and building India’s AI startups

As a premier virtual accelerator, NVIDIA Inception nurtures and elevates agile and aggressive startups that are using AI in innovative ways to combat key problems in different sectors. Unlike traditional startups, NVIDIA Inception supports startups through their entire lifecycle. No deadlines, no term limits, and startups can choose to remain a member of the program for as long as they want.

Members of NVIDIA Inception receive go-to-market support, expertise and technology.

Go-to-market: Early-stage startups need a reliable network that includes venture capitalists, industry leaders, as well as other startups. NVIDIA Inception allows startups to meet and mingle to form key partnerships and receive support from a network of incubators and accelerators.

Expertise: NVIDIA offers its members access to training and education through its Deep Learning Institute (DLI) – a premier platform for AI and deep learning education, and also by providing unlimited access to events like GTC.

Technology: Inception members are eligible for promotions on a wide range of hardware products through NVIDIA’s network of distributors. They will also receive industry-leading technical guidance on which GPU-accelerated platforms, hardware, and tools best suit their needs.

GTC: Brilliant Minds. Breakthrough Discoveries

NVIDIA GTC, a virtual global event will be bringing together an expected quarter of million developers, innovators, researchers, thought leaders, and decision-makers, who will meet to showcase and discuss the latest trends and innovations in AI, deep learning, data science, high performance computing (HPC), robotics, data science, networking, graphics and more.

The conference, which spans over four days (November 8-11, 2021), will feature a Keynote address by Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO of NVIDIA, named as one of the world’s most influential people of 2021, on November 9 at 1:30 PM IST. During his keynote, Jensen will touch upon the latest AI breakthroughs and developments to help solve some of the toughest global challenges. He will also discuss NVIDIA's efforts to drive technological advancements around the globe.

What Indian AI startups can expect at GTC 2021

NVIDIA GTC will be packed with developer programs, talks on key initiatives in India and special focus on different sectors. Indian startups will also have access to key investment opportunities, financial and technical support, and the roadmap that NVIDIA has chalked out for Indian companies and developers.

Sessions by Indian leaders

Startups that register for the conference will have free access to 500+ sessions, each of which are jam-packed with deep dives into various industry specific use cases - covering everything from healthcare to autonomous vehicles. Attendees can choose from sessions covering business strategy, technical expertise and getting started – everything that is needed for a startup to hit the ground running.

This year, GTC will feature India-specific sessions across HPC+AI, Digital Twins, Healthcare and Conversational AI. This includes a panel titled ‘Advancing Scientific Discoveries with AI’ with panelists from top Institutes across the country, discussing the Convergence of HPC and AI and the necessity to develop and teach AI to students of the scientific community.  

Tata Consulting Services will present how they worked along with NVIDIA to accelerate Digital Twin performances across entity modeling and explain the simulation results.

The ARTPARK session will discuss COVID detection from Chest X-ray images captured using mobile phones and WhatsApp; this is a healthcare-focused session that details the solution architecture that was used to meet the exacting accuracy requirements of COVID-positive identification, and the rapid diagnosis that helped triage potential COVID-positive cases during the peak of the pandemic in India.

The session by Unacademy will detail a novel approach to achieve better OCR performance and reduce the dependency on external APIs to extract text from student-uploaded images. The large user community of Omniverse in India will have a special User Meetup.

To get the details of the sessions and the talks by the experts, register for GTC and refer to the ‘session catalog and click on the sessions that interest you the most and add them to your schedule to watch live or on demand .

GTC attendees will also get a chance to build their skills with NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI). The program offers educational resources for anyone who wants to learn about all things AI. GTC DLIs will feature full-day training workshops, ranging from beginner to advanced, in four languages across several time zones. Two of the DLI courses are specifically curated for India - Fundamentals of Deep Learning, English (DLIW1394) and Building Transformer-Based Natural Language Processing Applications, English (DLIW1395).

GTC 2021 is a one-of-a-kind AI conference where you will find plenty of opportunities to learn, create, and inspire – whether you are a start-up Founder, technologist, CTO, developer, student, or industry veteran.

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