‘The future of workspaces is flexible, secure, and collaborative’ – 20 quotes of the week on digital transformation

From connection to collaboration, these quotes from the week of October 18-24 capture tech impacts sweeping across the world.

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Innovation can be greatly accelerated with AI capabilities that are on par with those of humans in areas such as object recognition, speech recognition, reading comprehension, and language translation. - Rohini Srivathsa, Microsoft India

Embracing automation requires a shift in strategy. It’s imperative to train employees in IoT to embark on an adventurous path that promises to mould an unimaginable digital future. - Ambrish Sinha, UNext Learning

Most startups go for open source technologies as they are cost-effective and highly customisable, and would invariably have a robust community that collaborates to solve many of their questions. - Dattatri Radhakrishna, Whatfix

We need to get involved in the age-tech ecosystem and explore solutions that could improve our parents' and grandparents' wellbeing, and assist them in becoming independent and respectful. - Tapan Mishra, Seniority

Exporters who had invested in digital infrastructure have been able to grow as buyers all around the world are trying to diversify their sourcing destinations. - Divyaanshu Makkar, Sourcewiz

Agritech companies are leveraging blockchain to build data-driven facilities that will make farmers smarter, more digitally savvy, and largely improve their quality of life. - Amit Sinha, Unnati

Circularity is critical to embrace, to transition technology from short-term needs to long-term planet-wide benefits. - Gokul Subramaniam, Intel

Significant tailwinds exist for the EV sector as costs are declining and nearly all ecommerce platforms are transitioning to electric mobility. - Dheeraj Jain of Redcliffe

Financial services can adopt and infuse AI responsibly to build on trusted governance and transparency with well-defined guidance that brings together privacy and security. - Rohit Prasad, Easebuzz

A billion more people globally are expected to enter the formal economy over the next five years. - Ashok Hariharan, IDfy

Creating an account in a neobank happens within 30 minutes on the mobile application. Further, these fintech startups put the customer on a pedestal and ask for constant feedback and personalisation needs. - Tarun Nazare, Neokred

We humans always crave connection, community and engagement. - Saurabh Gupta, Tamasha

The Indian vernacular language and translation market size is worth $53 billion, which currently features edtech, ecommerce, publishing, and OTT Industries. - Apoorva Ranjan Sharma, Venture Catalysts

If AdTech and MarTech work together by giving feedback to each other, they can be far more efficient and will be able to deliver advertisements more effectively. This is what MAdTech is. - Hiren Shah, Vertoz

A lot of games have sexualisation of characters that put women gamers off or they face explicit harassment online. And this extends to racism for Asian, Hispanic and other gamers across borders. - Danish Sinha, Gamestacy

An applicant tracking system makes it easy for recruiters to source, screen, and shortlist candidates. It also enables automated interview scheduling. - Ajay Kadyan

Unification of a business requires the unification of the underlying systems, which can then provide a truly unified experience, internally and externally, along with unified insights. -  Praval Singh, Zoho Corp

The future of workspaces is flexible, secure and collaborative. Organisations will have no option but to hire talent from different geographies and ensure that they create a productive environment for these employees. - Amitabh Patney, Ving Hybrid

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