How Spotify helps brands target the right audience - the omnishopper


It’s never been a better time to be a shopper, given today's buy-anywhere retail environment. It's raining deals at stores, on social media, and inside in the comfort of the couch at your fingertips. Mobile commerce is expected to make up 83 percent of all e-commerce sales by 2024, and 8 percent of total retail1. And now shopping is such that points of discovery differ from the actual spot of purchase. A product on a streaming platform like Spotify catches a shopper's eye who then swings by the store or their preferred e-commerce platform.

Catch the big wave in omnichannel surfing

With e-commerce sales expected to grow by 27 percent by the end of 20211, there are more ways to shop and even more places for shoppers to discover that great find. So for an 'omnishopper' who shops across multiple devices and places, more accessibility does not make it easy for brands to target them. These shoppers aren’t just buying what they need, they’re constantly looking for what they want, or didn't know they wanted until they discovered it. This can make it hard for brands to foresee and prepare for their next move.

Being spoilt for choice, messaging to this new-age consumer has to feel authentic, tailored, and respectful of their time and sensibilities. If not, they are going to bounce. So brands need to advertise in the right place that people trust. And when they do make a decision, it’s because they sense a personal relationship between themselves and the brand. Spotify has worked hard to build this trust with its listeners.

 Omnishoppers seek out to make a statement. 89.7 percent of Spotify Free listeners discover brands and products from paid advertising2. A pair of kicks before everyone's wearing them is a thing of pride, much like being the first in their group to discover a new song from a favourite artist.

The chase excites them and they know where to find it, just like how 43 percent of Gen Z Spotify users said they’ve heard a song on social media, and then searched for it on Spotify3. And that's why our listeners spend their time with us, eager to explore, spending an average of 2.5 hours every day, with multi-device listeners of Spotify Free spending an average of 1.5 hours on Spotify each day4.

Another big reason for brands to look at Spotify is what our listeners are planning. After delaying purchases in 2020, 1 in 3 Spotify users is looking at large, big-ticket purchases. Keep in mind that this is a user base that is likely to spend 15 percent more on what they want than any other cohort.

The experience gets more personalised for them as they spend more time listening. So Spotify matches their vibe through different moments of their day.

When it’s relevant, the recall is better too as 75 percent of Spotify listeners say they remember ads more when brands recognise their moment or setting5. Spotify helps brands reach listeners in the right moment, and the numbers speak for themselves - 2.7x higher awareness and 5.3x higher intent than campaigns with basic demographic targeting5.

Help shoppers spot your brand on Spotify

Spotify listeners — who are savvy to online shopping trends — are also the trendsetters. Spotify Free listeners are almost 4.3x more likely to discover brands and products via music streaming than through TV ads and 1.5x more likely than through radio ads2. Offers and benefits can be the turning point to steer through a plethora of options. 59 percent of Spotify Free users agree that free delivery is the top driver of online purchases for them2. 51 percent prefer easy returns and 45 percent pick the lure of discounts and coupons2.

 It all comes down to targeting the right audience and enabling discovery for the engaged listener in an environment of trust. It’s just this that Spotify has built, that listeners keep coming back to every day, giving brands the perfect vantage point to reach the elusive omnishopper.

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