Unlocking the potential of SMBs with Tata Tele Business Services


India today is powered by 6.5 crores micro, Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) that contribute 30 percent to the country's GDP. As the key driver behind the economic development of the country, SMBs increase employment opportunities, boost the manufacturing sector and improve export competitiveness. While these businesses undoubtedly suffered a blow in the wake of the pandemic, they are bouncing back fast. As per a recent survey by The Economic Times, 43 percent of all MSMEs in India are selling their products through online retail stores.

But the road to success has never been a bed of roses for these entrepreneurs. From weak security infrastructure, increased globalisation to multiple vendor points, to lack of cash flow, several challenges plague their operations. And, deluged by a global health crisis, it has become increasingly difficult to stay afloat. So how can SMBs rise to challenge, become future-ready and compete in the world arena?

A platform to easily navigate 'digital'

A study by Google-KPMG showed that digitally-empowered SMBs have about twice the revenue growth projections in comparison to digitally-laggard SMBs. Another study by SMB Group cited that online cloud-based business applications, web/video conferencing solutions, remote IT and access solutions, and real-time collaboration were most effective in helping SMBs become digitally agile to weather the COVID-19 storm and maintain their business continuity and growth.

Leading digital solutions providers like Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) have leveraged their deep customer experience to empower small and medium businesses with bespoke tech solutions. With a high-capacity fibre optic network running across 132,000 km, operations in over 60 cities, 1800+ partners and the largest team with 1600+ professionals, TTBS is well geared to cater to the small and medium business community in India.

TTBS is a one-stop platform that offers the most comprehensive portfolio of digital transformation solutions. This includes Cloud & SaaS, data, collaboration, voice, IoT solutions, marketing, cybersecurity and so on. It also recently launched SD-WAN iFLX, an intelligent and flexible networking solution that enables SMBs to transform and make their network more resilient to handle complex digital and cloud applications. TTBS has also partnered with Zoom Video Communications Inc, to offer an intuitive, scalable, and secure communications solution for small and medium businesses.

Harjit Singh, CEO, Tata Teleservice says, "The pandemic has accelerated digital adoption across industry sectors. While companies with a well-established digital ecosystem have managed to tide over the crisis smoothly, the majority have been jolted out of their comfort zones and have realised the significance of digital solutions for survival and growth the hard way. The onus lies with tech companies to develop relevant solutions to support SMBs in their transformation journey.”

He adds, “At TTBS, we have a progressive approach of partnering with SMBs as a technology enabler/subject matter expert. Through our comprehensive portfolio of ICT solutions, we seek to simplify the digital evolution of SMBs thus enabling them to unleash their full potential and DO BIG.”

Tapping into opportunities to scale

While the atmosphere is demanding, it's also ripe with opportunities. Governments, investors, institutions and incubators are building a support system to help SMBs achieve their full potential. Today, small business entrepreneurs can avail government schemes, explore new markets, enable culture changes, and so on, to scale in the post-COVID-19 era.

But the most important step is to transform their businesses through digitalisation. Going digital will enable them to access wider markets, instantly connect with customers, create flexible work environments, generate more revenue and improve operational efficiencies.

Until recently, SMBs had to invest a substantial amount for technology adoptions, but with the advent of cloud computing and the SaaS ecosystem, it has become affordable and easy to make the shift.

What the future holds for SMBs?

As we embrace the new normal, SMBs will have to be cognizant of the challenges, uncertainties, and consumer patterns that lie ahead. The Indian government aims to increase the MSME sector's share in the GDP to 40 percent to benefit the rural poor, Thanks to the pandemic, technology is no more an expense for SMBs, but an investment and that means, we're one step closer to fulfilling the goal of India’s $5 trillion economy.

Ashwini Fulzele, National Sales Coordinator, Pinnacle Teleservices Pvt Ltd, shares how businesses are thinking about growth and how an organisation like TTBS has helped them navigate the pandemic disruption effectively. She says, “Tata Tele Business Services helped us accelerate our digital transformation by improving processes and therefore reaching customers more effectively. As we kept growing and adding numbers, we wanted to be future-ready. The beauty of TTBS is that their marketing solutions can be applied in any environment where growth is the top priority.”

It's a no-brainer that the businesses best suited to grow in the future are already investing in the latest technology. Know more about how TTBS solutions can help SMBs avail an easy ticket to a digital future.


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